1 Samuel 29

ECB(i) 1
And the Peleshethiy gather all their camps to Apheq; and the Yisra Eliy encamp by a fountain in Yizre El: 2 and the ringleaders of the Peleshethiy pass on by hundreds and by thousands; and David and his men pass on afterward with Achish. 3 And the governors of the Peleshethiy say, What are these Hebrews? And Achish says to the governors of the Peleshethiy, Is this not David the servant of Shaul the sovereign of Yisra El, who became with me these days or these years; and I found naught in him from the day he fell away to this day? 4 And the governors of the Peleshethiy rage against him; and the governors of the Peleshethiy say to him, Return this man - return him to the place you oversee for him that he not descend with us to war; lest in the war he becomes a satan to us. How satisfies he his adoni? Is it not with the heads of these men? 5 Is not this David, of whom they answer one another in round dances saying, Shaul smites his thousands and David his myriads? 6 Then Achish calls David and says to him, Surely, Yah Veh lives, you are straight: your going out and your coming in with me in the camp is good in my eyes: for I find no evil in you since the day of your coming to me to this day: but in the eyes of the ringleaders you are not good: 7 and now, return and go in shalom, that you not work evil in the eyes of the ringleaders of the Peleshethiy. 8 And David says to Achish, But what work I? What find you in your servant from the day I became at your face to this day; that I may not go fight against the enemies of my adoni the sovereign? 9 And Achish answers David and says, I know you are good in my eyes - as an angel of Elohim: except the governors of the Peleshethiy say, He ascends not with us to the war. 10 And now start early in the morning with the servants of your adoni who came with you: and as soon as you start early in the morning, and have light, go. 11 And David and his men start early to go in the morning, to return to the land of the Peleshethiy: and the Peleshethiy ascend to Yizre El.