Psalms 110

ECB(i) 1 A Psalm: By David. An oracle of Yah Veh to my Adonay; Settle at my right until I set your enemies the stool of your feet. 2 Yah Veh sends the rod of your strength from Siyon. Subjugate midst your enemies. 3 Your people volunteer in the day of your valour - in the majesties of holiness from the womb of the dawn; you have the dew of your childhood. 4 Yah Veh oaths and sighs not! You are a priest eternally after the word of Malki Sedeq. 5 Adonay at your right struck sovereigns in the day of his wrath: 6 he pleads among the goyim; he fills with bodies; he strikes him - the head over the great land: 7 he drinks of the wadi in the way; so he lifts the head.