Psalms 111

ECB(i) 1 Halalu Yah! I spread hands to Yah Veh with my whole heart in the private counsel of the straight and in the witness. 2 The works of Yah Veh are great - sought by all who delight therein: 3 his deed is honorable and majestic and his justness stands eternal: 4 he worked his marvels - a memorial; Yah Veh is charismatic and merciful. 5 he gives the prey to them who awe him; he eternally remembers his covenant: 6 he told his people the force of his works to give them the inheritance of the goyim. 7 The works of his hands are truth and judgment; all his commandments are trustworthy: 8 they sustain eternally and eternally - worked in truth and straightness: 9 he sends redemption to his people; he misvahs his covenant eternally: holy and awesome is his name. 10 The awe of Yah Veh is the beginning of wisdom; all who work them have good comprehension; his halal stands eternal.