Psalms 106

ECB(i) 1 Halalu Yah. O spread hands to Yah Veh; for good; for his mercy eternal. 2 Who utters the might of Yah Veh? Who hears all his halal? 3 Blithe - they who guard judgment who work justness at all times. 4 Remember me, O Yah Veh, with the pleasure of your people; O visit me with your salvation: 5 to see the good of your chosen, to cheer in the cheerfulness of your goyim, to halal with your inheritance. 6 We sinned with our fathers; we perverted; we did wickedly. 7 Our fathers neither comprehended your marvels in Misrayim; nor remembered the abundance of your mercies; but rebelled at the sea - the Reed sea: 8 he saved them for sake of his name to make his might known: 9 he rebuked the Reed sea and it parched; thus he walked them through the abysses as through the wilderness: 10 and he saved them from the hand of him who hated them and redeemed them from the hand of the enemy: 11 and the waters covered their tribulators; not one of them remained. 12 Then they trusted his words; they sang his halal: 13 they hastened to forget his works; they awaited not his counsel: 14 and in desiring, they desired in the wilderness and tested El in the desolation: 15 He gave them their petition and sent emaciation to their soul: 16 they envied Mosheh in the camp and Aharon the holy of Yah Veh: 17 the earth opened and swallowed Dathan and covered the witness of Abi Ram: 18 a fire burnt in their witness - the flame burnt the wicked: 19 they worked a calf in Horeb and prostrated to the molten: 20 they changed their honor into the pattern of an ox that eats herbage: 21 they forgot El their saviour who worked great in Misrayim 22 - marvels in the land of Ham; awesomenesses by the Reed sea. 23 He said to desolate them, except Mosheh his chosen stood at his face in the breach, to turn away his fury, lest he ruin. 24 Yes, they spurned the land of desire; they trusted not his word; 25 they rebelled in their tents and hearkened not to the voice of Yah Veh. 26 He lifted his hand against them to fell them in the wilderness; 27 to also fell their seed among the goyim and to winnow them in the lands. 28 They joined Baal Peor and ate the sacrifices of the dead: 29 thus they vex him with their exploits; and the plague breaks on them: 30 and Pinechas stands and prays; and the plague restrains: 31 and it was fabricated to him for justness generation to generation eternally. 32 They enraged him at the waters of Meribah/strife, so that it went evilly with Mosheh for their sakes: 33 for they rebelled against his spirit so that he babbled with his lips: 34 they desolated not the people, concerning whom Yah Veh had said to them; 35 but mingled among the goyim and learned their works; 36 and served their idols - a snare to them: 37 yes, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons, 38 and poured innocent blood - the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Kenaan: and profaned the land with blood. 39 Thus they fouled with their own works and whored in their exploits. 40 Yah Veh kindled his wrath against his people so that he abhored his own inheritance; 41 and he gave them into the hand of the goyim: and they who hated them reigned over them: 42 their enemies oppressed them and subdued them under their hand. 43 Many times he rescued them; but they rebelled with their counsel and they are subdued in their perversity. 44 He saw their tribulation when he heard their shouting; 45 and he remembers his covenant and sighs according to the abundance of his mercies: 46 he gave them to be mercied at the face of all who captured them. 47 Save us, O Yah Veh our Elohim and gather us from among the goyim, to spread hands to your holy name and to laud in your halal. 48 Blessed - Yah Veh Elohim of Yisra El from eternity to eternity! And all the people say, Amen. Halalu Yah.