Psalms 106

CLV(i) 1 Praise Yah! Acclaim Yahweh, for He is good! For His benignity is eonian." 2 Who can declare the masterful deeds of Yahweh Or make all His praise heard? 3 Happy are those keeping right judgment, Executing righteousness in every era." 4 Remember me, O Yahweh, in Your benevolence to Your people; Notice me in Your salvation, 5 That I may see the good of Your chosen ones, To rejoice in the rejoicing of Your own nation, To praise with Your allotment." 6 We have sinned with our fathers; We have sown depravity; We have acted wickedly. 7 Our fathers in Egypt did not contemplate Your marvelous works; They did not remember Your many benignities, And they defied the Supreme by the Sea of Weeds." 8 Yet He saved them on account of His Name, To make known His masterful deeds." 9 He rebuked the Sea of Weeds, and it became drained, And He enabled them to walk through the abyss as through a wilderness." 10 So He saved them from the hand of the one hating them, And He redeemed them from the hand of their enemy." 11 The waters covered their foes; Not one of them was left. 12 Then they believed His words; They sang His praise. 13 But they quickly forgot His deeds; They did not tarry for His counsel. 14 They lusted with yearning in the wilderness, And they tried El in the desolation." 15 So He gave them their request, And He sent sustenance for their soul." 16 They grew jealous of Moses in the camp, And of Aaron, the holy one of Yahweh." 17 The earth opened up and swallowed Dathan, And it covered over the congregation of Abiram." 18 Fire consumed in their congregation; A blaze set the wicked aflame. 19 They made a calf at Horeb, And they bowed down to a molten image." 20 They changed His glory Into the model of a bull calf that feeds on herbage. 21 They forgot the El Who was saving them, Who was doing great deeds in Egypt, 22 Marvelous works in the country of Ham, Fear inspiring deeds by the Sea of Weeds." 23 He said that He would exterminate them, Except that Moses, His chosen one, Stood in the breach before Him, To turn back His fury from bringing ruin on them." 24 Then they rejected the coveted land; They did not believe His word, 25 And they murmured in their tents; They did not hearken to the voice of Yahweh. 26 So He lifted His hand in swearing to them To cast them down in the wilderness, 27 And to scatter their seed among the nations, And to toss them away throughout the countries." 28 Yet they paired themselves with Baal-peor, And they ate sacrifices offered to dead idols." 29 They provoked Him to vexation with their actions, So that a stroke breached forth among them." 30 But Phinehas stood up and mediated, And the stroke was restrained." 31 This was reckoned to him for righteousness For generation after generation for the eon. 32 They prompted wrath at the waters of Meribah, And it was evil for Moses for their sake" 33 Because they provoked his spirit, And he talked rashly with his lips." 34 They did not exterminate the peoples As Yahweh had commanded them. 35 They mixed with the nations, And they learned their customs." 36 They served their fetishes, And these came to be a trap for them." 37 They sacrificed their sons And their daughters to demons; 38 So they shed innocent blood, The blood of their sons and their daughters, Whom they sacrificed to the fetishes of Canaan, And the land was polluted with bloodshed." 39 Thus they defiled themselves by their deeds, And they prostituted themselves by their actions." 40 So the anger of Yahweh grew hot against His people, And He abhorred His allotment." 41 He gave them into the hand of the nations So that those hating them ruled among them. 42 Their enemies oppressed them, And they were made to submit under their hand." 43 Many times He rescued them, But they were rebellious in their counsel, And they were reduced lower in their depravity." 44 Yet He saw their distress, On His hearing of their appeal, 45 And, for them, He remembered His covenant, So that He was merciful according to His many benignities." 46 He gave them over to compassions Before all those holding them captive. 47 Save us, O Yahweh our Elohim, And convene us from the nations, To acclaim Your holy Name, To triumph in Your praise." 48 Blessed be Yahweh, Elohim of Israel, From the eon and until the eon. Then all the people will say, Amen. Praise Yah."