Nehemiah 2

ECB(i) 1
And so be it, in the month Nisan, in the twentieth year of Artach Shashta the sovereign, wine is at his face: and I lift the wine and give it to the sovereign - and I had never been evil to his face. 2 And the sovereign says to me, Why is your face evil - seeing you are not sick? This is naught but an evil heart. And I abound mighty awed, 3 and say to the sovereign, The sovereign live eternally. Why not, my evil face, when the city, the house of the tombs of my father, is parched; and the portals thereof consume with fire? 4 And the sovereign says to me, For what seek you? And I prayed to Elohim of the heavens; 5 and I say to the sovereign, If it be good with the sovereign and if your servant well-pleases at your face, send me to Yah Hudah - to the city of the tombs of my fathers - to build it. 6 And the sovereign says to me, - and the mistress settles by him, How long is your walk? And when return you? - and it is good at the face of the sovereign to send me; and I give him an appointment. 7 And I say to the sovereign, If it is good with the sovereign, give me epistles to the governors beyond the river to pass me over until I come to Yah Hudah: 8 and an epistle to Asaph the guard of the paradise of the sovereign, to give me timber to fell beams for the portals of the palace - for the house and for the wall of the city and for the house I enter. - and the sovereign gives me, according to the good hand of my Elohim on me. 9 And I come to the governors beyond the river and give them the epistles of the sovereign: and the sovereign sends governors of the men of valour and cavalry with me. 10 And Sanballat the Horoniy and Tobi Yah the servant - the Ammoniy, hear of it, and in being evil, it is evil to them for a human to come to seek the good of the sons of Yisra El. 11
And I come to Yeru Shalem and I am there three days: 12 and I rise in the night - I and some few men with me: and I tell no human what my Elohim gives in my heart to work at Yeru Shalem: and there is no animal with me except the animal I ride: 13 and I go by night by the portal of the valley at the face of the monster fountain and to the dunghill portal; and examine the walls of Yeru Shalem which are broken and the portals thereof consumed with fire: 14 and I pass on to the portal of the fountain and to the pool of the sovereign: and there is no place for the animal under me to pass: 15 and in the night, I ascend by the wadi and examine the wall and return; and enter by the portal of the valley and return: 16 and the prefects know not where I go or what I work; and I tell neither the Yah Hudiym, nor the priests, nor the nobles, nor the prefects, nor the rest who work the work. 17 And say I to them, You see the evil we are in, how Yeru Shalem is parched and the portals thereof burned with fire: come, and we build the wall of Yeru Shalem, that we are a reproach no more. 18 And I tell them of the hand of my Elohim who is good on me; and also the words the sovereign says to me. And they say, We rise and build! - and they strengthen their hands for this good. 19 And Sanballat the Horoniy and Tobi Yah the servant the Ammoniy and Geshem the Arabiy hear; and they deride us and despise us and say, What is this word you work? Rebel you against the sovereign? 20 And I return word and say to them, The Elohim of the heavens - he prospers us; and we his servants rise and build: but you have neither allotment, nor justness, nor memorial in Yeru Shalem.