Job 32

ECB(i) 1 And these three men shabbathized from answering Iyob, because he was just in his own eyes. 2
And Eli Hu the son of Barach El the Buziy of the family of Ram kindles his wrath - kindles his wrath against Iyob, because he justifies his soul - rather than Elohim. 3 He also kindles his wrath against his three friends because they find no answer and judge Iyob wicked. 4 And Eli Hu waits until Iyob words, because they are elder than he by days. 5 And Eli Hu sees there is no answer in the mouth of the three men, and kindles his wrath. 6 And Eli Hu the son of Barach El the Buziy answers and says, I am of few days and you are aged; so I fear and awe to show you my knowledge. 7 I say, Days word; and abundance of years make wisdom known. 8 Surely there is a spirit in man; and the breath of Shadday gives discernment. 9 Neither the great enwisen nor the aged discern judgment. 10 So I say, Hearken to me; I also show my knowledge. 11 Behold, I awaited your words; I gave ear to your reasons as you probed utterances: 12 yes, I discerned you; and behold, none of you reproved Iyob or answered his sayings: 13 lest you say, We have found out wisdom; El disperses him - not man. 14 Neither arranged he his utterances against me; nor respond I to your sayings. 15 They are dismayed; they answer no more; they remove from uttering: 16 I await, they word not; but stand still and answer no more. 17 I also answer my allotment; I also show my knowledge: 18 for I am full of utterances, the spirit of my belly distresses me. 19 Behold, my belly - as unopened wine - to split as new skins. 20 I word, and I respire; I open my lips, and answer. 21 I beseech you, that I neither lift the face of humanity, nor give honorary degrees to humanity: 22 for I know not to give honorary degrees; in so doing my Worker shortly lifts me away.