Job 32

Coverdale(i) 1 So these thre men wolde stryue nomore wt Iob, because he helde himself a rightuous man. 2 But Eliu the sonne of Barachel the Bussite of the kynred of Ram, was very sore displeased at Iob, that he called himself iust before God. 3 And with Iobs thre fredes he was angrie also, because they had founde no reasonable answere to ouercome him. 4 Now taried Eliu till they had ended their communicacion with Iob, for why? they were elder then he. 5 So when Eliu ye sonne of Barachel ye Bussite sawe, that these thre men were not able to make Iob answere, he was myscontent: 6 so that he gaue answere himself, and sayde: Considerinve yt I am yonge, & ye be men of age, I was afrayed, & durst not shewe forth my mynde, 7 for I thought thus within my self: It becometh olde men to speake, & the aged to teach wy?dome. 8 Euery ma (no doute) hath a mynde, but it is the inspyracion of the Allmightie that geueth vnderstondinge. 9 All men are not wyse, nether doth euery aged man vnderstonde the thinge that is laufull. 10 Therfore wil I speake also (in so farre as I maye be herde) & wil shewe yow myne opinyon. 11 For whe I had wayted till ye made an ende of youre talkynge, & herde youre wy?dome, what argumetes ye made in youre communicacion: 12 yee when I had diligently pondred what ye sayde, I founde not one of you that made eny good argument agaynst Iob, or that directly coude make answere vnto his wordes: 13 lest ye shulde prayse youre selues, to haue founde out wy?dome: because it is God that hath cast him out, & no man. 14 Neuerthelesse, seynge he hath not spoken vnto me, therfore will not I answere him as ye haue done 15 (for they were so aba?shed, that they coude not make answere, ner speake one worde) 16 but in so moch as ye wil not speake, stondinge still like dom men & makinge no answere: 17 I haue a good hope for my parte to shappe him an answere & to shewe him my meanynge. 18 For I am full of wordes, & the sprete that is within me, copelleth me. 19 Beholde, I am as the new wyne which hath no vente, & bursteth the new vessels in sunder. 20 Therfore wil I speake, that I maye haue vete: I wil open my lyppes, and make answere. 21 I will regarde no maner of personne, no man wil I spare. 22 For yf I wolde go aboute to please me, I knowe not how soone my maker wolde take me awaye.