Job 32

  1 H7969 So these three H582 men H7673 ceased H6030 to answer H347 Job, H6662 because he was righteous H5869 in his own eyes.
  2 H2734 Then was kindled H639 the wrath H453 of Elihu H1121 the son H1292 of Barachel H940 the Buzite, H4940 of the relatives H7410 of Ram: H347 against Job H639 was his wrath H2734 kindled, H6663 because he justified H5315 himself H430 rather than God.
  3 H7969 Also against his three H7453 friends H639 was his wrath H2734 kindled, H4672 because they had found H4617 no answer, H7561 and yet had condemned H347 Job.
  4 H453 Now Elihu H2442 had waited H347 until Job H1697 had spoken, H2205 because they were elder than he.
  5 H453 When Elihu H7200 saw H4617 that there was no answer H6310 in the mouth H7969 of these three H582 men, H639 then his wrath H2734 was kindled.
  6 H453 And Elihu H1121 the son H1292 of Barachel H940 the Buzite H6030 answered H559 and said, H6810 I am young, H3453 and you are very old; H2119 therefore I was afraid, H3372 and dared H2331 not show H1843 you my opinion.
  7 H559 I said, H3117 Days H1696 should speak, H7230 and multitude H8141 of years H3045 should teach H2451 wisdom.
  8 H403 But H7307 there is a spirit H582 in man: H5397 and the inspiration H7706 of the Almighty H995 gives them understanding.
  9 H7227 Great men H2449 are not always wise: H2205 neither do the aged H995 understand H4941 judgment.
  10 H559 Therefore I said, H8085 Listen H2331 to me; I also will show H1843 my opinion.
  11 H3176 Behold, I waited H1697 for your words; H238 I gave ear H8394 to your reasons, H2713 while you searched out H4405 what to say.
  12 H995 Yes, I attended H3198 unto you, and, behold, there was none of you that convinced H347 Job, H6030 or that answered H561 his words:
  13 H559 Lest you should say, H4672 We have found out H2451 wisdom: H410 God H5086 thrusts him down, H376 not man.
  14 H6186 Now he has not directed H4405 his words H7725 against me: neither will I answer H561 him with your speeches.
  15 H2865 They were amazed, H6030 they answered H6275 no more: they left off H4405 speaking.
  16 H3176 When I had waited, H1696 (for they spoke H5975 not, but stood still, H6030 and answered no more;)
  17 H6030 I said, I will answer H2506 also my part, H2331 I also will show H1843 my opinion.
  18 H4390 For I am full H4405 of words, H7307 the spirit H990 inside H6693 me constrains me.
  19 H990 Behold, my belly H3196 is as wine H6605 which has no vent; H1234 it is ready to burst H2319 like new H178 bottles.
  20 H1696 I will speak, H7304 that I may be refreshed: H6605 I will open H8193 my lips H6030 and answer.
  21 H5375 Let me not, I pray you, accept H376 any man's H6440 person, H3655 neither let me give flattering titles H120 unto man.
  22 H3045 For I know H3655 not to give flattering titles; H6213 in so doing my maker H4592 would soon H5375 take me away.