Job 31

ECB(i) 1 I cut a covenant with my eyes; and what - discern I a virgin? 2 What is the allotment of Elohah from above? What is the inheritance of Shadday from the heights? 3 Is not calamity to the wicked? - a strangeness to the doers of mischief? 4 Sees he not my ways? - scribes all my paces? 5 If I walk with vanity or my foot hastens to deceit 6 weigh me in a balance of justness; Elohah knows my integrity. 7 If my step spreads from the way and my heart walks after my eyes; if any blemish adheres to my palms; 8 then have me seed and another eat: yes, uproot my offspring. 9 If a woman enticed my heart or I lurked at the portal of my friend; 10 then have my woman grind to another and others kneel to her. 11 For this is intrigue; yes, a judicial perversity: 12 a fire that consumes to Abaddon and roots out all my produce. 13 If I spurn the judgment of my servant or of my maid when they contend with me 14 What then work I when El rises? When he visits, what respond I? 15 He who worked me in the belly worked he not also him? - that one who prepared us in the womb? 16 If I withhold the poor from their desire, or finish off the eyes of the widow; 17 or eat my morsel myself alone and the orphan eats not; 18 - for as a father he grew up with me from my youth - led her from the belly of my mother. 19 If I have seen any destruct for want of robe or the needy without covering; 20 if neither his loins blessed me nor heated with the fleece of my lambs; 21 if I shook my hand against the orphan when I saw my help in the portal; 22 then may my shoulder fall from the blade and my arm break at the stem: 23 for calamity from El is a dread to me and by reason of his exalting I am not able. 24 If I set gold my hope or said to the ore, My confidence! 25 if I cheer because my valuables are great and because my hand found much; 26 if I see the light when it halals or the moon walking in esteem; 27 and my heart covertly duped or my mouth kiss my hand; 28 this also is a judicial perversity: for I denied El above. 29 If I cheer at the calamity of my hater, or waken when evil finds him; 30 I give not my palate to sin by asking him to oath his soul. 31 If not, men of my tent, say you, Who gives that we have of his flesh - we are not satisfied. 32 The sojourner stayed not overnight in the outways; I opened my doors to the wayward. 33 If I covered my rebellions as humanity by hiding my perversity in my bosom; 34 then I dread a great multitude - and the disrespect of families terrify me - and I hush and go not from the portal. 35 Who gives that someone hear me! Behold, my mark! Shadday, answer me! Man of contention, scribe a scroll! 36 If not, I lift it on my shoulder and fasten it to me as a crown. 37 I tell him my paces; as an eminent I go near him. 38 If my soil cries against me, and the furrows weep together; 39 if I have eaten the produce without silver or caused the masters to expire their soul; 40 may thorns grow instead of wheat and stinkweed instead of barley. The words of Iyob are consummated.