Job 31

Bishops(i) 1 I made a couenaunt with myne eyes: why then should I loke vpon a mayden 2 For how great a portion shall I haue of God? and what inheritaunce from the almightie on hye 3 Is not destruction to the wicked? and straunge punishement to the workers of iniquitie 4 Doth not he see my wayes, and tell all my goynges 5 If I haue walked in vanitie, or if my feete haue runne to disceaue 6 Let me be wayed in an euen balaunce, that God may see myne innocencie 7 If my steppe hath turned out of the way, & myne heart walked after myne eyes, and if any blot haue cleaued to my handes 8 Then shall I sowe, and an other eate: yea my posteritie shalbe cleane rooted out 9 If my heart haue ben deceaued by a woman, or if I haue layde wayte at my neyghbours doore 10 Then let my wife grinde vnto an other man, and let other men lye with her 11 For this is a wickednesse, and sinne that is worthy to be punished 12 Yea a fire that vtterly should consume and roote out all my increase 13 If I euer thought scorne to do right vnto my seruauntes & maydens, when they had any matter against me 14 When God will sit in iudgement, what shall I do? & when he will visite me, what aunswere shal I geue him 15 He that fashioned me in my mothers wombe, made he not him also? were we not both shapen a like in our mothers bodies 16 If I denied the poore of their desire, or haue caused the eyes of the wydow to wayte in vayne 17 If I haue eaten my morsell alone, that ye fatherlesse hath not eaten therof 18 (For from my youth it hath growen vp with me as with a father, and from my mothers wombe I haue ben guyde to the [wydowe] 19 If I haue seene any perishe for want of clothing, or any poore for lake of rayment 20 If his loynes haue not blessed me, because he was warmed with the fleece of my sheepe 21 If I haue lift vp mine hand against the fatherlesse, when I sawe that I might helpe him in the gate 22 Then let myne arme fall fro my shoulder, and myne arme holes be broken from the bone 23 For I haue euer feared the vengeaunce and punishment of God, and [knewe very well that] I was not able to beare his burthen 24 Haue I put my trust in golde? or haue I sayde to the wedge of golde, thou art my confidence 25 Haue I reioyced because my power was great, and because my hande gat so much 26 Dyd I euer greatly regarde the rysing of the sunne? or had I the goyng downe of the moone in great reputation 27 Hath my heart medled priuyly with any disceite? or did I euer kisse myne owne hande 28 (That were a wickednesse worthy to be punished: for then shoulde I haue denyed the God that is aboue. 29 Haue I euer reioyced at the hurt of myne enemie? or was I euer glad that any harme happened vnto him? [Oh, no. 30 I neuer suffred my mouth to sinne, by wishing a curse to his soule 31 Dyd not the men of myne owne housholde say, Who shall let vs to haue our belly full of his fleshe 32 The straunger dyd not lodge in the streete, but I opened my doores vnto him that went by the way 33 Haue I kept secrete my sinne, and hyd myne iniquitie, as Adam dyd 34 Though I coulde haue made afeard a great multitude, yet the most contemptible of the families dyd feare me: so I kept scilence, and went not out of the doore 35 O that I had one which woulde heare me: beholde my signe in the whiche the almightie shal aunswere for me, though he that is my contrarie partie hath written a booke against me 36 Yet will I take it vpon my shoulder, & as a garlande binde it about my head 37 I will tell hym the number of my goinges, & go vnto him as to a prince 38 But if case be that my lande crye against me, or that the forowes thereof make any complaynt 39 If I haue eaten the fruites therof vnpayed for, yea if I haue greeued the soules of the maisters therof 40 Then let thystles growe in steede of my wheate, and cockle for my barlye