Genesis 33

ECB(i) 1
And Yaaqov lifts his eyes and sees, and behold, Esav comes, with four hundred men: and he halves the children to Leah and to Rachel and to the two maids: 2 and he puts the maids and their children first and Leah and her children after and Rachel and Yoseph behind. 3 And he passes over at their face and prostrates to the earth seven times, until he comes near his brother. 4 And Esav runs to meet him and embraces him and falls on his neck and kisses him: and they weep: 5 and he lifts his eyes and sees the women and the children; and says, Who are these with you? And he says, The children which Elohim granted charism to your servant. 6 Then the maids come near - they and their children; and they prostrate: 7 and Leah also with her children comes near and they prostrate: and after Yoseph and Rachel come near and they prostrate. 8 And he says, What are this to you - all this camp I meet? And he says, These are to find charism in the eyes of my adoni. 9 And Esav says, I have much, my brother; keep what you have to yourself. 10 And Yaaqov says, No, I beseech you, if, I beseech, I find charism in your eyes, then take my offering from my hand: because I see your face as seeing the face of Elohim; and you are pleased. 11 Take, I beseech you, the blessing I bring you; because Elohim grants me charism and because I have all. - and he urges him and he takes. 12 And he says, Let us pull stakes and go; and I go ahead of you. 13 And he says to him, My adoni knows that the children are tender and the flocks and oxen with sucklings are with me: and if men beat them one day, all the flock die. 14 Let my adoni, I beseech you, pass over at the face of his servant: and I guide gently, according to the foot of the work at my face and according to the foot of the children, until I come to my adoni to Seir. 15 And Esav says, Let me, I beseech, leave with you some of the people who are with me. And he says, Why this? for I find charism in the eyes of my adoni. 16 So Esav returns that day on his way to Seir: 17 and Yaaqov pulls stakes to Sukkoth/Brush Arbors and builds a house for himself and works sukkoth/brush arbors for his chattel: so he calls the name of the place Sukkoth/Brush Arbors. 18 And as he goes from Paddan Aram Yaaqov comes to Shalem a city of Shechem in the land of Kenaan; and encamps at the face of the city: 19 and he chattels an allotment of a field for a hundred ingots from the hand of the sons of Hamor the father of Shechem - where he spreads his tent. 20 And there he stations a sacrifice altar and calls it El Elohe Yisra El.