Genesis 33

Coverdale(i) 1 Iacob lift vp his eyes, & sawe his brother Esau comynge with foure hundreth men: and he deuyded his children vnto Lea vnto Rachel, and to both the maydes, 2 and set the maydens with their children before, and Lea with hir childre after, and Rachel with Ioseph hynder most. 3 And he wente before them, and bowed him self to the grounde seuen tymes, tyll he came to his brother. 4 But Esau ranne to mete him, and enbraced him, and fell aboute his neck, & kyssed him, and wepte, 5 and lift vp his eyes, and sawe the wyues with the children, and sayde: What are these with the? He answered: They are the children, which God hath geuen vnto thy seruaunt. 6 And the maydens came forth with their children, and dyd their obeysaunce vnto him. 7 Lea came forth also with hir childre, and kneled vnto him. Afterwarde came Ioseph and Rachel forth, and kneled vnto him likewyse. 8 And he sayde: What meanest thou wt all the droue that I met? He answered: that I might fynde grace in the sight of my lorde, 9 Esau sayde: I haue ynough my brother, kepe that thou hast. 10 Iacob answered: Oh nay, but yf I haue founde grace in yi sight, receaue my present of my hande (for I sawe thy face, as though I had sene the face of God) and be at one with me. 11 Take this present in good worth, that I haue brought ye, for God hath geuen it me, & I haue ynough of all thinges. So he compelled him to take it. 12 And he sayde: Let vs go on and take oure iourney, I wyll go in thy company. 13 But he sayde vnto him: My lorde, thou knowest that I haue tender children by me, and small and greate catell also, which are yet but yonge: yf they shulde be dryue ouer in one daye, the whole flocke wolde dye. 14 Let my lorde go on before his seruaut. I wyll dryue after fayre and softly, (there after as the catell & the children can go,) tyll I come to my lorde in Seir. 15 Esau sayde: Yet wil I leaue some of my people with the. He answered: What nede is it? Let me but onely fynde grace in the sight of my lorde. 16 So Esau departed againe the same daye towarde Seir, 17 and Iacob toke his iourney towarde Sucoth, and buylded him an house, and made tetes for his catell. Therfore is the place called Sucoth. 18 Afterwarde came Iacob peaceably vnto the cite of Sichem, which lyeth in ye lande of Canaan, after that he was come agayne out of Mesopotamia, and pitched before the cite, 19 and bought a pece of londe of the children of Hemor ye father of Sichem for an hundreth pens. There pitched he his tent, 20 and there he set vp an altare, and called vpon the name of the mightie God of Israel.