1 Chronicles 14

ECB(i) 1
And Hiram sovereign of Sor sends David angels and timber of cedars with artificers of walls and artificers of timber to build him a house. 2 And David perceives that Yah Veh establishes him sovereign over Yisra El; for his sovereigndom is lifted high because of his people Yisra El. 3 And David takes more women at Yeru Shalem: and David births more sons and daughters. 4 And these are the names of those he birthed in Yeru Shalem: Shammua and Shobab Nathan and Shelomoh 5 and Yibchar and Eli Shua and Eli Phelet 6 and Nogah and Nepheg and Yaphia 7 and Eli Shama and Baal Yada and Eli Phelet. 8
And the Peleshethiy hear David is anointed sovereign over all Yisra El; and all the Peleshethiy ascend to seek David: and David hears and goes at their face: 9 and the Peleshethiy come and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim. 10 And David asks of Elohim, saying, Ascend I against the Peleshethiy? Give you them into my hand? And Yah Veh says to him, Ascend; and I give them into your hand. 11 And they ascend to Baal Perasim; and David smites them there: and David says, Elohim breaches my enemies by my hand as the breaching of waters: so they call the name of that place Baal Perasim. 12 - and they leave their elohim there. And David says, Burn them with fire. 13 - and the Peleshethiy still add to spread themselves in the valley. 14 And again David asks of Elohim; and Elohim says to him, Ascend not after them; turn from them and come on them opposite the weepers: 15 and so be it, when you hear a voice of marching in the tops of the weepers, then go out to war: for Elohim goes at your face to smite the camp of the Peleshethiy. 16 And David works as Elohim misvahs him: and they smite the camp of the Peleshethiy from Gibon even to Gezer: 17 and the fame of David goes into all lands; and Yah Veh gives the fear of him on all goyim.