1 Chronicles 14

  1 H2438 Now Hiram H4428 king H6865 of Tyre H7971 sent H4397 messengers H1732 to David, H6086 and timber H730 of cedars, H2796 with masons H7023 H2796 and carpenters, H6086 H1129 to build H1004 him an house.
  2 H1732 And David H3045 perceived H3068 that the LORD H3559 had confirmed H4428 him king H5921 over H3478 Israel, H4438 for his kingdom H5375 was lifted H4605 up on high, H5668 because H5971 of his people H3478 Israel.
  3 H1732 And David H3947 took H5750 more H802 wives H3389 at Jerusalem: H1732 and David H3205 begat H5750 more H1121 sons H1323 and daughters.
  4 H428 Now these H8034 are the names H3205 of his children H834 which H1961 he had H3389 in Jerusalem; H8051 Shammua, H7727 and Shobab, H5416 Nathan, H8010 and Solomon,
  5 H2984 And Ibhar, H474 and Elishua, H467 and Elpalet,
  6 H5052 And Nogah, H5298 and Nepheg, H3309 and Japhia,
  7 H476 And Elishama, H1182 and Beeliada, H467 and Eliphalet.
  8 H6430 And when the Philistines H8085 heard H1732 that David H4886 was anointed H4428 king H5921 over H3605 all H3478 Israel, H3605 all H6430 the Philistines H5927 went H1245 up to seek H1732 David. H1732 And David H8085 heard H3318 of it, and went H6640 out against them.
  9 H6430 And the Philistines H935 came H6584 and spread H6010 themselves in the valley H7497 of Rephaim.
  10 H1732 And David H7592 inquired H430 of God, H559 saying, H5927 Shall I go H5921 up against H6430 the Philistines? H5414 And will you deliver H3027 them into my hand? H3068 And the LORD H559 said H5927 to him, Go H5414 up; for I will deliver H3027 them into your hand.
  11 H5927 So they came H1188 up to Baalperazim; H1732 and David H5221 smote H8033 them there. H1732 Then David H559 said, H430 God H6555 has broken H341 in on my enemies H3027 by my hand H6556 like the breaking H7971 forth H4325 of waters: H5921 therefore H3651 H7121 they called H8034 the name H4725 of that place H1188 Baalperazim.
  12 H5800 And when they had left H430 their gods H8033 there, H1732 David H559 gave a commandment, H8313 and they were burned H784 with fire.
  13 H6430 And the Philistines H5750 yet H3254 again H6584 spread H6584 themselves abroad H6010 in the valley.
  14 H1732 Therefore David H7592 inquired H5750 again H430 of God; H430 and God H559 said H5927 to him, Go H310 not up after H5437 them; turn H935 away from them, and come H4136 on them over H4136 against H1057 the mulberry trees.
  15 H8085 And it shall be, when you shall hear H6963 a sound H6807 of going H7218 in the tops H1057 of the mulberry H227 trees, that then H3318 you shall go H4421 out to battle: H430 for God H3318 is gone H3318 forth H6440 before H5221 you to smite H4264 the host H6430 of the Philistines.
  16 H1732 David H6213 therefore did H430 as God H6680 commanded H5221 him: and they smote H4264 the host H6430 of the Philistines H1391 from Gibeon H1507 even to Gazer.
  17 H8034 And the fame H1732 of David H3318 went H3605 out into all H776 lands; H3068 and the LORD H5414 brought H6343 the fear H3605 of him on all H1471 nations.