1 Chronicles 14

Great(i) 1 So Hyram the kynge of Tyre sent messengers to Dauid & tymbre of Cedar trees, with masons and carpenters, to buylde hym an house. 2 And Dauid perceaued, that the Lorde had confirmed hym kynge vpon Israel, and that hys kyngdome was lyfte vp on hye, because of hys people Israel. 3 And Dauid toke yet mo wyues at Ierusalem, and begat mo sonnes and daughters. 4 These are the names of hys chyldren, which were borne vnto him at Ierusalem: Samua, Sobab, Nathan and Salomon: 5 Iibhar, Elisua and Elipalet, 6 Noga, Nepheg and Iaphia, 7 Elisama, Beeliada and Eliphalet. 8 And when the Philistines heard that Dauid was anoynted kynge vpon all Israel, all the Philistines went vpto seke Dauid. And Dauid hearde of it, and went oute agaynst them. 9 And the Philistines came in, & praunsed thorowe the valey of Rephaim. 10 And Dauid asked councell at God saying: shall I go against the Philistines, and wylt thou delyuer them into myne hande? And the Lorde sayde vnto hym: go vp, for I wyll delyuer them into thine hande. 11 And so they came vp to Baal Perazim & Dauid smote them there. And Dauid sayd: God hath deuided myne enemies with myne hande, as a man wolde deuyde water. And therfore they called the name of that place Baal Perazim. 12 And whan they had lefte theyr gods there, Dauid gaue a commaundment, and they were burnt with fyre. 13 And the Philistines came together agayne & russhed into the valley. 14 And Dauid asked agayne at God. And God sayde to hym: go not vp after them, but turne awaye from them, that thou mayest come vpon them ouer agaynst the peeretres. 15 And when thou hearest a sound go in the toppes of the peretrees, then go out to battell: for God is gone forth before the, to smyte the hoste of the Philistines. 16 Dauid therfore dyd as God commaunded him: & they smote the hoste of the Philistines, from Gibeon to Gazer. 17 And the fame of Dauid went out into all landes, and the Lorde made all nacyons feare hym.