1 Chronicles 14

Coverdale(i) 1 And Hiram ye kynge of Tyre sent messaungers vnto Dauid and Cedre tymber, and masons and carpenters, to buylde him an house. 2 And Dauid perceaued, that the LORDE had confirmed him kynge ouer Israel: for his kyngdome increased for his people of Israels sake. 3 And Dauid toke yet mo wyues at Ierusalem, & begat yet mo sonnes & doughters. 4 And the names of them yt were borne vnto him at Ierusalem, are these: Sammua, Sobab, Nathan, Salomon, 5 Iebehar, Elisua, Elipalet, 6 Noga, Nepheg, Iaphia, 7 Elisamma, Baal Iada, Eliphalet. 8 And whan the Philistynes herde that Dauid was anoynted kynge ouer all Israel, they wente vp all to seke Dauid. Whan Dauid herde that, he wente forth agaynst them. 9 And the Philistynes came, and scatered the selues beneth in ye valley of Rephaim. 10 And Dauid axed councell at God, & sayde: Shal I go vp agaynst the Philistynes? and wilt thou delyuer them in to my hande? The LORDE sayde vnto him: Go vp, and I wil delyuer them in to thy hande. 11 And whan they were gone vp to Baal Prasim, Dauid smote them there. And Dauid sayde: God hath deuyded myne enemies thorow my hande, euen as the water parteth asunder: therfore called they the place Baal Prasim. 12 And there lefte they their goddes. Then commaunded Dauid to burne them with fyre. 13 But the Philistynes gat them thither agayne, and scatered them selues beneth in ye valley. 14 And Dauid axed councell at God agayne. And God sayde vnto him: Thou shalt not go vp behynde them, but turne the from them, that thou mayest come vpon the ouer agaynst the Peertrees. 15 So whan thou hearest aboue vpon the Peertrees the noyse of the goynge, go thou forth then to the batayll: for God is gone forth then before the to smyte the hoost of the Philistynes. 16 And Dauid dyd as God commaunded him. And they smote the hoost of the Philistynes from Gibeon forth vnto Gaser. 17 And Dauids name was noysed out in all londes. And the LORDE caused ye feare of him to come vpo all the Heythen.