Leviticus 16

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses (after that Aarons two sonnes were deed, whan they offered before the LORDE) & sayde: 2 Speake vnto Aaron thy brother, yt he go not at all tymes in to ye ynnermer Sanctuary, within the vale before the Mercyseate, which is vpon the Arke, yt he dye not: for I wyll appeare in a cloude vpon ye Mercyseate. 3 But herewithall shal he go in, euen with a yonge bullocke for a synofferynge, and with a ramme for a burntofferynge, 4 and shal put on the holy lynnen albe, and haue lynnen breches vpon his flesh, and gyrde him with a lynne girdell, and haue the lynnen myter vpon his heade.For these are ye holy garmentes: & he shal bathe his flesh with water, & put them on: 5 & of the cogregacion of the childre of Israel he shal take two he goates for a synofferynge, and a ramme for a burntofferynge. 6 And Aaron shal brynge the bullocke his owne synofferynge, and make an attonemet for himself and his house: 7 and afterwarde shall he take the two goates, and present them before the LORDE, euen before the dore of the Tabernacle of witnesse, 8 and shall cast lottes ouer the two goates: the lot of the one goate for the LORDE, and the other for the fre goate. 9 And the goate that ye LORDES lot fell vpon, shal he offre for a synofferynge. 10 But the goate, that the fre goates lot fell vpon, shal he present a lyue before ye LORDE, to make an attonement for him, and to let the fre goate go into ye wyldernes. 11 And so shal he brynge the bullocke of his synofferynge, and make an attonement for him and his housholde, and shal kyll him. 12 And he shall take a censor full of coales from the altare that stondeth before the LORDE, and his handfull of beaten incense, and brynge them in within ye vayle, 13 and put the incense vpon the fyre before ye LORDE, that the cloude of the incense maye couer the Mercyseate, which is vpon the witnesse, that he dye not. 14 And he shall take of the bloude of the bullocke, and sprenkle it with his fynger towarde the Mercyseate on the foresyde. Seuen tymes 15 shall be sprenkle of the bloude thus with his fynger before the Mercyseate. The shal he kyll the goate which is the peoples synofferynge, & brynge in of his bloude within the vayle, & shall do with his bloude, as he dyd with the bloude of the bullocke, and sprenkle therwith also on the foresyde towarde the Mercyseate, 16 and so shal he reconcyle the Sactuary from the vnclennesse of the childre of Israel, and fro their trespaces in all their synnes. Thus shal he do vnto the Tabernacle of wytnesse, which is the habitacion with them amoge their vnclennesses. 17 No man shalbe in the Tabernacle of witnesse, whan he goeth in to make an attonement in the Sactuary, vntyll he go out: and so shall he make an attonement for him self and his house, and for the whole congregacion of Israel. 18 And wha he goeth forth vnto the altare that stondeth before the LORDE, he shal reconcyle it, and shal take of ye bullockes bloude, and of the goates bloude, & put it vpon the hornes of the altare rounde aboute. 19 And with his fynger shal he sprekle of the bloude theron seuen tymes, and halowe it, and consecrate it from the vnclennesse of the children of Israel. 20 And whan he hath made an ende of reconcylinge the Sanctuary, and the Tabernacle of witnesse, and the altare, he shal bringe the lyuynge goate. 21 The shal Aaron laie both his hades vpo ye heade of him, & confesse ouer him all the mysdedes of ye childre of Israel, & all their trespaces in their synnes, & shal laye the vpo ye heade of the goate, & by some man yt is at hande, shal he let him runne in to the wildernes: 22 yt the goate maye so beare all their mysdedes vpon him in to ye wyldernesse, and he shal leaue him in the wyldernesse. 23 And Aaron shal go in to the Tabernacle of witnesse, and put of the lynnen clothes, which he put on wha he wente in to ye Sactuary, and shal leaue them there, 24 and bathe his flesh with water in the holy place, and put on his awne rayment. And he shal go forth, and make his burntofferinge, and the burntofferinge of the people, and make an attonement both for himself and for the people, 25 and burne the fat of the synofferynge vpon the altare. 26 But he yt caried out the fre goate, shal wash his clothes, and bathe him self with water, & then come in to the hoost. 27 The bullocke of the synofferynge, and ye goate of the synofferynge (whose bloude was brought in to the Sanctuary to make an attonemet) shalbe caried out of ye hoost, & brent with fyre, both their skynnes, flesh, and donge. 28 And he that burneth them, shal wash his clothes, and bathe him self with water, and then come in to the hoost. 29 And this shalbe a perpetuall lawe vnto you: Vpon the tenth daye of the seuenth moneth shal ye humble youre soules, and do no worke, whether it be one of youre selues, or a straunger amonge you. 30 For in this daye is youre attonemet made, that ye maye be clensed from all youre synnes before the LORDE: 31 therfore shall it be a fre Sabbath vnto you, and ye shal humble youre soules. Let this be a perpetuall lawe. 32 But the prest that is anoynted, and whose hande was fylled to be prest in his fathers steade, shal make this attonement, and shal put on the lynnen clothes, namely the holy vestimetes, 33 so shal he recocyle the holy Sactuary, and the Tabernacle of wytnesse, and the altare, and ye prestes, and all the people of the congregacion. 34 This shal be a perpetuall lawe vnto you, that ye reconcyle ye children of Israel from all their synnes once a yeare. And Moses dyd, as the LORDE commaunded him.