Hosea 13

Coverdale(i) 1 The abhominacion of Ephraim is come also in to Israel. He is gone backe to Baal, therfore must he dye. 2 And now they synne more and more: of their syluer, they make them molten ymages, like the Idols of the Heithen, and yet all is nothinge but the worke of the craftesman. Notwithstodinge they preach of the same: who so wil kysse the calues, offreth to men. 3 Therfore they shalbe as the mornynge cloude, and as the dew that early passeth awaye: and like as dust that ye wynde taketh awaye from the floore, and as smoke that goeth out of ye chymney. 4 I am the LORDE thy God, which brought the out of the londe of Egipte: that thou shuldest knowe no God but me only, & that thou shuldest haue no Sauioure but only me. 5 I toke diligent hede of the in the wildernesse that drye londe. 6 But when they were wel fedde and had ynough, they waxed proude, and forgat me. 7 Therfore will I be vnto them as a lyon, and as a leoparde in ye waye to the Assirians. 8 I wil come vpon them as a she beer, that is robbed of hir welpes, and I wil breake that stubburne herte of theirs. There wil I deuoure them as a lyon: yee the wylde beastes shal teare them. 9 O Israel, thou doest but destroyeth thyself, In me only is thy helpe. 10 Where are thy kinges now, that shulde helpe the in all thy cities? Yee and thy iudges, of whom thou saydest: geue me a kinge and prynces? 11 well, I gaue the a kinge in my wrath, and in my displeasure will I take him from the agayne. 12 The wickednesse of Ephraim is bounde together, & his synne lieth hyd. 13 Therfore shall sorowes come vpon him, as vpon a woman that traualeth. An vndiscrete sonne is he: for he considreth not, that he shulde not haue bene able to haue endured in the tyme of his byrth, 14 had not I defended him from the graue, and delyuered him from death. O death, I wil be thy death: o hell, I wil be thy stynge. 15 Yet can I se no comforth, for when he is now the goodliest amonge the brethren, the east wynde (euen the wynde of the LORDE) shal come downe from the wildernesse, and drye vp his condytes, and drynke vp his welles: he shal spoyle the treasure of all pleasaunt vessels. 16 As for Samaria, they shalbe made waist, & why? they are disobedient vnto their God. They shal perish with the swearde, their children shalbe slayne, and their women bygg with childe shalbe rypte vp.