Hosea 12

Coverdale(i) 1 Ephraim kepeth the ayre, and foloweth after the east wynde: he is euer increasinge lyes & destruction. They be confederate with the Assirians, their oyle is caried in to Egipte. 2 The LORDE hath a courte to holde with Iuda, and wil punysh Iacob: After their owne waies and acordinge to their owne inuencions, shal he recompence them. 3 He toke his brother by the hele, when he was yet in his mothers wombe: and in his strength he wrestled with God. 4 He stroue with the Angel, and gat the victory: so that he prayde and desyred him. He fande him at Bethel, & there he talked wt vs. 5 Yee the LORDE God of hoostes, euen ye LORDE him self remembred him: 6 Then turne to thy God, kepe mercy and equyte, and hope still in thy God. 7 But the marchaunt hath a false weight in his honde, he hath a pleasure to occupie extorcion. 8 Ephraim thinketh thus: Tush, I am rich, I haue good ynough: In all my workes shal not one fawte be founde, that I haue offended. 9 Yet am I the LORDE thy God, eue as when I brought the out of the londe of Egipte, and set the in thy tentes, and as in the hye feast dayes. 10 I haue spoke thorow the prophetes, and shewed dyuerse visions, and declared my self by the ministracion of ye prophetes. 11 But at Galaad is the abhominacion, they are fallen to vanyte. At Galgal they haue slayne oxen: and as many heapes of stones as they had in their lode forowes, so many aulters haue they made. 12 Iacob fled into the londe of Siria, and Israel serued for a wife, and for a wife he kepte shepe. 13 By a prophet the LORDE brought them out of Egipte, and by a prophet he preserued the. 14 But Ephraim hath prouoked him to displeasure thorow his abhominacions: therfore shal his bloude be poured vpon him self, and the LORDE his God shal rewarde him his blasphemies.