Hosea 11

Coverdale(i) 1 When Israel was yoge, I loued him: and called my sonne out of the londe of Egipte. 2 But ye more they were called, the more they wente backe: offerynge vnto Idols, and censynge ymages. 3 I lerned Ephraim to go, and bare them in myne armes, but they regarded not me, that wolde haue helped them. 4 I led them with coardes of frendshipe, & with bondes of loue. I was euen he, that layed the yocke vpon their neckes. I gaue them their fodder my self, 5 yt they shulde not go agayne in to Egipte: And now is Assur their kinge: For they wolde not turne vnto me. 6 Therfore shal ye swearde begynne in their cities, the stoare that they haue lickened vnto, shall be destroyed and eaten vp: and that because of their owne ymaginacions. 7 My people hath no lust to turne vnto me, their prophetes laye the yocke vpon the, but they ease them not of their burthen. 8 What greate thinges haue I geuen the, o Ephraim? how faithfully haue I defended the, o Israel? haue I dealt with the as with Adama? or haue I intreated the like Seboim? No, my hert is otherwise mynded. Yee my mercy is to feruent: 9 therfore haue I not turned me to destroye Ephraim in my wrothful displeasure. For I am God and no man, I am euen that holy one in the myddest of the, though I came not within the cite. 10 The LORDE roareth like a lyon, that they maye folowe him: Yee as a lyon roareth he, that they maye be afrayed, like the children of the see: 11 that they maye be scarred awaye from Egipte, as men scarre byrdes: & frayed awaye (as doues vse to be) from the Assirias londe: and that because I wolde haue them tary at home, saieth the LORDE. 12 But Ephraim goeth aboute me with lies, and the house of Israel dyssembleth. Only Iuda holdeth him with God, and with the true holy thinges.