Hosea 14

Coverdale(i) 1 Tvrne the now (o Israel) vnto ye LORDE thy God, for thou hast taken a greate fall thorow thy wickednesse. 2 Take these wordes with you, when ye turne to the LORDE, & saye vnto him: O forgeue vs all oure synnes, receaue vs graciously, & then wil we offre ye bullockes of oure lyppes vnto the. 3 Assur shalbe no more oure helper, nether will we ryde vpon horses eny more. As for the workes of oure hondes, we wil nomore call vpon them: For it is thou that art oure God, thou shewest euer mercy vnto the fatherlesse. 4 O (yf they wolde do this) I shulde heale their sores: yee with all my herte wolde I loue them: so yt my wrath shulde clene be turned awaye from them. 5 Yee I wolde be vnto Israel as the dewe, and he shulde growe as ye lylie, & his rote shulde breake out as Libanus. 6 His braunches shulde sprede out abrode, & be as fayre as the olyue tre, & smel as Libanus. 7 They that dwel vnder his shadowe, shulde come agayne, & growe vp as the corne, & florish as the vyne: he shulde haue as good a name, as the wyne of Libanus. 8 O Ephraim, what haue I to do with Idols eny more? I wil graciously heare him, & lede him forth. I wil be vnto the as a grene Fyrre tre, vpon me shalt thou fynde thy frute. 9 Who so is wyse, shal vnderstonde this: & he yt is right enstructe, wil regarde it. For ye wayes of the LORDE are rightuous, soch as be godly wil walke in them: As for the wicked, they wil stomble therin.