Hosea 13

  1 H669 When Ephraim H1696 [H8763] spoke H7578 trembling H5375 [H8804] , he exalted H3478 himself in Israel H816 [H8799] ; but when he offended H1168 in Baal H4191 [H8799] , he died.
  2 H2398 [H8800] And now they sin H3254 [H8686] more and more H6213 [H8799] , and have made H4541 them molten images H3701 of their silver H6091 , and idols H8394 according to their own understanding H4639 , all of it the work H2796 of the craftsmen H559 [H8802] : they say H120 of them, Let the men H2076 [H8802] that sacrifice H5401 [H8799] kiss H5695 the calves.
  3 H1242 Therefore they shall be as the morning H6051 cloud H7925 [H8688] , and as the early H2919 dew H1980 [H8802] that passeth away H4671 , as the chaff H5590 [H8792] that is driven with the whirlwind H1637 from the floor H6227 , and as the smoke H699 from the chimney.
  4 H3068 Yet I am the LORD H430 thy God H776 from the land H4714 of Egypt H3045 [H8799] , and thou shalt know H430 no God H2108 but me H3467 [H8688] : for there is no saviour H1115 besides me.
  5 H3045 [H8804] I did know H4057 thee in the wilderness H776 , in the land H8514 of great drought.
  6 H4830 According to their pasture H7646 [H8799] , so were they filled H7646 [H8804] ; they were filled H3820 , and their heart H7311 [H8799] was exalted H7911 [H8804] ; therefore have they forgotten me.
  7 H7826 Therefore I will be to them as a lion H5246 : as a leopard H1870 by the way H7789 [H8799] will I observe them:
  8 H6298 [H8799] I will meet H1677 them as a bear H7909 that is bereaved H7167 [H8799] of her whelps, and will rend H5458 the fat H3820 of their heart H398 [H8799] , and there will I devour H3833 them like a lion H7704 : the wild H2416 beast H1234 [H8762] shall tear them.
  9 H3478 O Israel H7843 [H8765] , thou hast destroyed H5828 thyself; but in me is thy help.
  10 H165 I will H4428 be thy king H645 : where H3467 [H8686] is any other that may save H5892 thee in all thy cities H8199 [H8802] ? and thy judges H559 [H8804] of whom thou saidst H5414 [H8798] , Give H4428 me a king H8269 and princes?
  11 H5414 [H8799] I gave H4428 thee a king H639 in my anger H3947 [H8799] , and took H5678 him away in my wrath.
  12 H5771 The iniquity H669 of Ephraim H6887 [H8803] is bound up H2403 ; his sin H6845 [H8803] is hid.
  13 H2256 The sorrows H3205 [H8802] of a travailing woman H935 [H8799] shall come H2450 upon him: he is an unwise H1121 son H5975 [H8799] ; for he should not stay H6256 long H4866 in the place of the breaking forth H1121 of children.
  14 H6299 [H8799] I will ransom H3027 them from the power H7585 of the grave H1350 [H8799] ; I will redeem H4194 them from death H4194 : O death H165 , I will H1698 be thy plagues H7585 ; O grave H165 , I will H6987 be thy destruction H5164 : repentance H5641 [H8735] shall be hid H5869 from my eyes.
  15 H6500 [H8686] Though he is fruitful H251 among his brethren H6921 , an east wind H935 [H8799] shall come H7307 , the wind H3068 of the LORD H5927 [H8802] shall come up H4057 from the wilderness H4726 , and his spring H954 [H8799] shall become dry H4599 , and his fountain H2717 [H8799] shall be dried up H8154 [H8799] : he shall plunder H214 the treasure H2532 of all pleasant H3627 vessels.
  16 H8111 Samaria H816 [H8799] shall become desolate H4784 [H8804] ; for she hath rebelled H430 against her God H5307 [H8799] : they shall fall H2719 by the sword H5768 : their infants H7376 [H8792] shall be dashed in pieces H2030 , and their women with child H1234 [H8792] shall be ripped up.