Psalms 36

CLV(i) 1 {Davidic{ The wicked one has a watchword of transgression within his heart; There is no awe of Elohim in front of his eyes; 2 For he apportions too much to himself in his own eyes To find out his depravity and to hate it. 3 The words of his mouth are lawlessness and deceit; He evades even to contemplate doing good. 4 He devises lawlessness on his bed; He stations himself on a pathway that is not good; He does not reject what is evil. 5 O Yahweh, Your benignity reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness unto the skies." 6 Your righteousness is like the mountain ranges of El, Your judgment like the vast abyss:Both human and beast You save, O Yahweh." 7 How precious is Your benignity, O Elohim, So that the sons of humanity may take refuge in the shadow of Your wings." 8 They are satiated with the richness of Your House, And You give them the watercourse of Your luxuries to drink;" 9 For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light shall we see light. 10 Protract Your benignity to those knowing You, And Your righteousness to the upright of heart." 11 Do not let the foot of pride come against me; And do not let the hand of the wicked cause me to wander. 12 The contrivers of lawlessness are desolated; they have fallen; They have been tripped up and they are not able to rise.