Psalms 36

Coverdale(i) 1 My hert sheweth me the wickednesse of the vngodly, that there is no feare of God before his eyes. 2 For he dyssembleth before his face, so longe till his abhominable synne be founde out. 3 The wordes of his mouth are vnrightuousnesse and disceate, he wil not be lerned to do good. 4 He ymagineth myschefe vpon his bedde, he will come in no good waye, ner refuse the thinge that is euell. 5 Thy mercy (O LORDE) reacheth vnto the heauen, and thy faithfulnesse vnto the cloudes. 6 Thy rightuousnesse stondeth like the stronge mountaynes, & thy iudgment like the greate depe. 7 Thou LORDE preseruest both me & beestes. How precious is thy mercy (O God) that the children of men maye put their trust vnder ye shadowe of thy wynges? 8 They shalbe satisfied with the pleteousnesse of thy house, and thou shalt geue them drynke of the ryuer of thy pleasures. 9 For by the is ye well of life, & in thy light, shall we se light. 10 O sprede forth thy louynge kyndnesse vnto them that knowe the, & thy rightuousnes vnto the that are true of hert. 11 O let not the fote of pryde ouertake me, O let not the hande of ye vngodly cast me downe. 12 As for wicked doers, they fall, they are cast downe, & are not able to stode.