Psalms 18

CLV(i) 1 {Concerning the servant of Yahweh, concerning David, who spoke to Yahweh the words of this song on the day Yahweh rescued him from the palm of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul. Thus he said:{ I feel deep passion for You, O Yahweh, my Steadfastness, 2 O Yahweh, my Crag and my Fastness and my Deliverance! My El, my Rock! I take refuge in Him, My Shield and the Horn of my salvation, my Impregnable Retreat!" 3 The One being praised! I call on Yahweh, And I am being saved from my enemies." 4 The cables of death have enveloped me, And the torrents of decadence, they frighten me." 5 The cables of the unseen, they surrounded me; The traps of death have confronted me." 6 In my distress I called on Yahweh, And to my Elohim I implored. From His temple He heard my voice, And my imploring before Him, it came to His ears." 7 Then the earth reeled and quaked, And the foundations of the mountains, they were disturbed, And they reeled, for His anger grew hot." 8 Smoke ascended from His nostrils, And fire that devours from His mouth; Flashing embers blazed forth from Him." 9 He stretched out the heavens and descended, And murkiness was beneath His feet." 10 He rode on a cherub and flew; So He swooped down on the wings of the wind. 11 He set darkness as His concealment round about Him; His booth was the darkness of waters, the thick clouds of the skies." 12 Out of the brightness in front of Him His thick clouds passed With hail and flashing embers of fire. 13 Then Yahweh thundered from the heavens, And the Supreme, He gave forth His voice With hail and flashing embers of fire." 14 He sent off His arrows, with which He scattered them, And He multiplied bolts of lightning, with which He discomfited them." 15 So the channels of water were made to appear, And the foundations of the habitance were revealed, By Your rebuke, O Yahweh, By the breath of the wind of Your nostrils." 16 He sent from the height; He took me; He removed me from many waters; 17 He rescued me from my strong enemy And from those hating me; For they were tougher than I. 18 They confronted me in the day of my calamity, Yet Yahweh became my Stay." 19 He brought me forth into a wide place; He liberated me, for He has delighted in me." 20 Yahweh requited me according to my righteousness; According to the purity of my hands He recompensed me. 21 For I have kept the ways of Yahweh, And I have not been wicked by turning from my Elohim." 22 For all His judgments have been in front of me, And I have not put away His statutes from me." 23 I have become flawless before Him; Let me keep myself from my depravity. 24 Yahweh recompensed me according to my righteousness, According to the purity of my hands in front of His eyes." 25 With the benign one You show Yourself benign, And with a flawless master You show Yourself flawless;" 26 With the purified one You show Yourself pure, But with the perverse one You show Yourself cunning." 27 For You Yourself shall save the humbled people, But You shall abase those whose eyes are exalted." 28 Indeed You Yourself shall light up my lamp, O Yahweh; My Elohim, He shall brighten my darkness, 29 So that by You I may run over a stone dike, And by my Elohim I may leap a barricade." 30 The One, El, His way is flawless; The word of Yahweh is refined; He is a Shield to all who are taking refuge in Him." 31 For is there any Eloah apart from Yahweh? And is there any Rock except our Elohim? 32 He is the One, El, the One belting me with valor, And He spreads flawlessness on my way, 33 The One poising my feet like hinds', And on my high-places He causes me to stand." 34 He is the One teaching my hands for the battle, So that my arms may manage a bow of bronze." 35 You gave to me the shield of Your salvation; Your right hand, it braced me, And Your help made me great." 36 You widened my steps beneath me, So that my limbs have not tottered." 37 I pursued my enemies and overtook them, And I did not return until they were finished." 38 I transfixed them, and they were not able to rise. They fell beneath my feet." 39 You belted me with valor for the battle; You bowed beneath me those rising against me. 40 As for my enemies, You gave to me the scruff of their necks, And those hating me, I effaced them." 41 They implored, yet there was no salvation; They called to Yahweh, yet He would not answer them." 42 I reduced them to powder like the soil before the face of the wind; Like the mud of the streets I pulverized them. 43 You delivered me from the disputes of the people; You placed me at the head of the nations. A people I had not known, they serve me;" 44 As soon as the ear is hearing they hearken to me. The sons of the foreigner, they cower before me;" 45 The sons of the foreigner, they disintegrate, And they come cringing from their enclosures." 46 Alive is Yahweh, and being blessed is my Rock; Let the Elohim of my salvation be exalted." 47 He is the One, El, Who is rendering vengeance for me, And He subdues the peoples under me, 48 The One delivering me from my enemies. Indeed from those rising against me have You safely set me high; From the man of violence have You rescued me. 49 Therefore, I shall acclaim You among the nations, O Yahweh, And to Your Name shall I make melody." 50 He is the One magnifying the salvations of His king, And showing benignity to His anointed, To David, and to his seed for the eon. {Permanent{ "