Isaiah 63

CLV(i) 1 Who is This, coming from humanity, with fermented garments from the vintage? This One, in His clothing of honor, marching in the vastness of His vigor?I, speaking in righteousness, and contending to save!" 2 For what reason is there red on Your clothing, and Your garments are as the treader's in a wine trough? 3 The winepress I trod alone, and of the peoples there is no man `with Me, and I am treading them in My anger, and trampling them in My fury, and their gore is spattering on My garments, and all My clothing I sully." 4 For the day of vengeance came for them, and the year of My redeemed has come." 5 And I am looking, and there is no helper, and I am regarding, and there is no supporter, and My own arm is saving for Me, and My fury, it supports Me!" 6 And I am trampling peoples in My anger. And I am making them drunk in My fury, and down to the earth am I bringing their gore." 7 The kindnesses of Yahweh will I mention, the praises of Yahweh, according to all which Yahweh requites us, and the vast good to the house of Israel which He requites them, according to His compassions, and according to His many kindnesses." 8 And saying is He, "Yea, My people are they, sons who are not dealing falsely.And He is becoming their Saviour, 9 in all their distress He is not a foe, not an agent or a messenger, but His presence saved them. In His love, and by His sparing, He, He redeems them, and He will transport and assist them all the days of the eon." 10 Yet they rebelled and grieved His holy spirit, and He is turning into their enemy, and He fights against them." 11 Yet He will remember the days of the eon of Moses and His people. Where is He Who brought them up from the sea with the shepherd of His flock? Where is He Who placed within them His holy spirit, 12 conducting them by the right hand of Moses, His glorious arm rending the water before them, to make for Himself a name eonian, 13 conducting them in the submerged chaos? As a horse in the wilderness, they are not stumbling." 14 As a beast into a valley is descending, the spirit of Yahweh is guiding them to rest. So lead You Your people, to make for Yourself a name of beauty." 15 Look from the heavens, and see from the residence of Your holiness and Your beauty. Where is Your zeal and Your mastery? Where is the clamor of Your bowels? And Your compassions toward us, do they check themselves? 16 For You are our Father, for Abraham does not know us, and Israel is not recognizing us. You are He, Yahweh, our Father, our Redeemer; from the eon is Your name." 17 Why are You leading us astray, Yahweh, from Your ways? Making our heart indurate to Your fear? Turn back, on account of Your servants, the tribes of Your allotment." 18 Why do the wicked march in Your holy place; our foes trample Your sanctuary? 19 We become as those from the eon. Not among them do You rule, nor is Your name called over them."