Isaiah 64

CLV(i) 1 O that You wouldst tear the heavens and descend! The mountains would quiver because of Your presence! 2 They would flow, as ice in the fire melts, as water consumed by the fire. Make known Your name, Yahweh, to Your foes. Because of Your presence the nations will be disturbed." 3 When You do fearful things which we are not expecting, You do descend! Quivering because of Your presence, the mountains flow." 4 And from the eon they have not heard, nor given ear, and the eye has not seen any elohim, except You. He is doing for him who will tarry for Him." 5 You come upon the elated and the doer of righteousness. In Your ways are they remembering You. Behold! You are wroth when we are sinning. Against You from the eon also are we transgressing. 6 And we are becoming as unclean, all of us, and as an ornamented garment is all our righteousness. And we are decaying as a leaf, all of us, and our depravities, as the wind, are carrying us away." 7 And no one is calling on Your name, rousing himself to hold fast to You, for You conceal Your face from us, and You are dissolving us by means of our depravities." 8 And now, Yahweh, You are our Father. And we are the clay. You are our Former, and the doing of Your hand are we all." 9 You must not be wroth with us, Yahweh, unto excess, and You must not, for the future, be remembering our depravity. Behold! Look, pray! Your people are we all." 10 The cities of Your holy place come to be a wilderness. Zion becomes as a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation." 11 The house, our holy place, and our beauty, where our forefathers praised You, came to be burned with fire, and all that we covet came to be demolished." 12 On account of all this wilt You check Yourself, Yahweh? Are You hushing and humiliating us unto excess?