Isaiah 63

  1 H935 Who is this who comes H123 from Edom, H2556 with dyed H899 garments H1224 from Bozrah? H1921 this who is glorious H3830 in his clothing, H6808 marching H7230 in the greatness H3581 of his strength? H1696 "It is I who speak H6666 in righteousness, H7227 mighty H3467 to save."
  2 H122 Why are you red H3830 in your clothing, H899 and your garments H1869 like him who treads H1660 in the wine vat?
  3 H1869 "I have trodden H6333 the winepress H5971 alone; and of the peoples H376 there was no H1869 man with me: yes, I trod H639 them in my anger, H7429 and trampled H2534 them in my wrath; H5332 and their lifeblood H5137 is sprinkled H899 on my garments, H1351 and I have stained H4403 all my clothing.
  4 H3117 For the day H5359 of vengeance H3820 was in my heart, H8141 and the year H1350 of my redeemed H935 has come.
  5 H5027 I looked, H5826 and there was none to help; H8074 and I wondered H5564 that there was none to uphold: H2220 therefore my own arm H3467 brought salvation H2534 to me; and my wrath, H5564 it upheld me.
  6 H947 I trod down H5971 the peoples H639 in my anger, H7937 and made them drunk H2534 in my wrath, H3381 and I poured H5332 out their lifeblood H776 on the earth."
  7 H2142 I will make mention H2617 of the loving kindnesses H3068 of Yahweh H8416 and the praises H3068 of Yahweh, H3068 according to all that Yahweh H1580 has bestowed H7227 on us, and the great H2898 goodness H1004 toward the house H3478 of Israel, H1580 which he has bestowed H7356 on them according to his mercies, H7230 and according to the multitude H2617 of his loving kindnesses.
  8 H559 For he said, H5971 "Surely, they are my people, H1121 children H8266 who will not deal falsely:" H3467 so he was their Savior.
  9 H6869 In all their affliction H6862 he was afflicted, H4397 and the angel H6440 of his presence H3467 saved H160 them: in his love H2551 and in his pity H1350 he redeemed H5190 them; and he bore H5375 them, and carried H3117 them all the days H5769 of old.
  10 H4784 But they rebelled, H6087 and grieved H6944 his holy H7307 Spirit: H2015 therefore he was turned H341 to be their enemy, H3898 and he himself fought against them.
  11 H2142 Then he remembered H3117 the days H5769 of old, H4872 Moses H5971 and his people, H5927 saying, Where is he who brought them up H3220 out of the sea H7462 with the shepherds H6629 of his flock? H7760 where is he who put H6944 his holy H7307 Spirit H7130 in their midst?
  12 H8597 who caused his glorious H2220 arm H3212 to go H3225 at the right hand H4872 of Moses? H1234 who divided H4325 the waters H6440 before H6213 them, to make H5769 himself an everlasting H8034 name?
  13 H3212 who led H8415 them through the depths, H5483 as a horse H4057 in the wilderness, H3782 so that they didn't stumble?
  14 H929 As the livestock H3381 that go down H1237 into the valley, H7307 the Spirit H3068 of Yahweh H5117 caused them to rest; H5090 so you led H5971 your people, H6213 to make H8597 yourself a glorious H8034 name.
  15 H7200 Look H5027 down H8064 from heaven, H7200 and see H2073 from the habitation H6944 of your holiness H8597 and of your glory: H7068 where are your zeal H1369 and your mighty H1995 acts? the yearning H4578 of your heart H662 and your compassion is restrained toward me.
  16 H3588 For H1 you are our Father, H85 though Abraham H3808 doesn't know H3478 us, and Israel H5234 does not acknowledge H3068 us: you, Yahweh, H1 are our Father; H1350 our Redeemer H5769 from everlasting H8034 is your name.
  17 H3068 O Yahweh, H8582 why do you make us to err H1870 from your ways, H7188 and harden H3820 our heart H3374 from your fear? H7725 Return H5650 for your servants' H7626 sake, the tribes H5159 of your inheritance.
  18 H6944 Your holy H5971 people H3423 possessed H4705 it but a little while: H6862 our adversaries H947 have trodden down H4720 your sanctuary.
  19 H5769 We have become as they over whom you never H4910 bear rule, H7121 as those who were not called H8034 by your name.