Genesis 30:6-21

BBE(i) 6 Then Rachel said, God has been my judge, and has given ear to my voice, and has given me a son; so he was named Dan. 7 And again Bilhah, Rachel's servant, was with child, and gave birth to a second son. 8 And Rachel said, I have had a great fight with my sister, and I have overcome her: and she gave the child the name Naphtali. 9 When it was clear to Leah that she would have no more children for a time, she gave Zilpah, her servant, to Jacob as a wife. 10 And Zilpah, Leah's servant, gave birth to a son. 11 And Leah said, It has gone well for me: and she gave him the name Gad. 12 And Zilpah, Leah's servant, gave birth to a second son. 13 And Leah said, Happy am I! and all women will give witness to my joy: and she gave him the name Asher. 14 Now at the time of the grain-cutting, Reuben saw some love-fruits in the field, and took them to his mother Leah. And Rachel said to her, Let me have some of your son's love-fruits. 15 But Leah said to her, Is it a small thing that you have taken my husband from me? and now would you take my son's love-fruits? Then Rachel said, You may have him tonight in exchange for your son's love-fruits. 16 In the evening, when Jacob came in from the field, Leah went out to him and said, Tonight you are to come to me, for I have given my son's love-fruits as a price for you. And he went in to her that night. 17 And God gave ear to her and she became with child, and gave Jacob a fifth son. 18 Then Leah said, God has made payment to me for giving my servant-girl to my husband: so she gave her son the name Issachar. 19 And again Leah became with child, and she gave Jacob a sixth son. 20 And she said, God has given me a good bride-price; now at last will I have my husband living with me, for I have given him six sons: and she gave him the name Zebulun. 21 After that she had a daughter, to whom she gave the name Dinah.