Genesis 30:6-21

Tyndale(i) 6 Than sayde Rahel. God hath geuen sentece on my syde and hath also herde my voyce and hath geuen me a sonne. Therfore called she him Dan. 7 And Bilha Rahels mayde coceaued agayne and bare Iacob a nother sonne. 8 And Rahel sayde. God is turned and I haue made achaunge with my sister and haue gote ye vpper hade. And she called his name Nepthali 9 Whe Lea sawe that she had left bearinge she toke Silpha hir mayde and gaue her Iacob to wiffe. 10 And Silpha Leas made bare Iacob a sonne. 11 Than sayde Lea: good lucke: and called his name Gad. 12 And Silpha Leas mayde bare Iacob another sonne. 13 Tha sayd Lea: happy am I for the doughters will call me blessed. And called his name Asser. 14 And Rube wet out in the wheat haruest and foude mandragoras in the feldes and brought the vnto his mother Lea. Than sayde Rahel to Lea geue me of thy sonnes madragoras. 15 And Lea answered: is it not ynough yt thou hast take awaye my housbode but woldest take awaye my sonnes mandragoras also? Than sayde Rahel well let him slepe with the this nyghte for thy sonnes mandragoras. 16 And whe Iacob came from the feldes at euen Lea went out to mete him and sayde: come into me for I haue bought the with my sonnes mandragoras.And he slepte with her that nyghte. 17 And God herde Lea yt she coceaued and bare vnto Iacob yt .v. sonne. 18 Than sayde Lea. God hath geue me my rewarde because I gaue my mayde to my housbod and she called him Isachar. 19 And Lea coceaued yet agayne and bare Iacob the sexte sonne. 20 Than sayde she: God hath endewed me with a good dowry. Now will my housbond dwell with me because I haue borne him .vi. sonnes: and called his name Zabulo. 21 After that she bare a doughter and called her Dina.