Genesis 30:6-21

CLV(i) 6 And saying is Rachel, "Adjudicated has the Elohim for me, and, moreover, He hears my voice, and is giving to me a son.Therefore she calls his name Dan. 7 And pregnant is she again, and bearing is Bilhah, Rachel's maid, a second son for Jacob. 8 And saying is Rachel, "With twistings of the Elohim am I twisted with my sister, and moreover, I prevail.And calling is she his name Naphtali. 9 And seeing is Leah that she stays from bearing. And taking is she Zilpah, her maid, and is giving her to Jacob for a wife. And coming is Jacob to her, 10 and Zilpah, Leah's maid, is pregnant and bearing for Jacob a son. 11 And saying is Leah, "Coming is a raid!"And calling is she his name Gad. 12 And pregnant is Zilpah, Leah's maid, and is bearing a second son for Jacob. 13 And saying is Leah "Happiness is mine, for the daughters call me happy.And calling is she his name Ashur. 14 And going is Reuben in the days of wheat harvest and finding mandrakes in the field, and is bringing them to his mother, Leah. And saying is Rachel to Leah, her sister, "Give to me, pray, of your son's mandrakes. 15 And saying is Leah to her, "No! Is it little of you to take my husband, then to take, moreover, my son's mandrakes?And saying is Rachel, "Not so! He shall lie with you this night, for your son's mandrakes. 16 And coming is Jacob from the field in the evening, and forth is faring Leah to meet him. And saying is she, "To me are you coming tonight, for I hired, yea, hired you with my son's mandrakes.And lying is he with her in that night. 17 And hearkening is the Elohim to Leah, and pregnant is she and is bearing for Jacob a fifth son. 18 And saying is Leah, "Giving is the Elohim my hire, for I give my maid to my husband.And calling is she his name Issachar. 19 And pregnant again is Leah, and is bearing a sixth son for Jacob. 20 And saying is Leah, "Dowering me is the Elohim with a good dowry this time. My husband will prefer me, for I bear for him six sons.And calling is she his name Zebulon. 21 And afterwards she bears a daughter. And calling is she her name Dinah.