Philippians 2:19-23

  19 G1679 But I hope G1161   G1722 in G2962 the Lord G* Jesus G* [2Timothy G5030 3quickly G3992 1to send forth] G1473 to you, G2443 that G2504 I also G2174 should be full of confidence, G1097 having known G3588 the things G4012 concerning G1473 you.
  20 G3762 [3no one G1063 1For G2192 2I have] G2473 like-minded G3748 who G1104 genuinely G3588 [2the things G4012 3concerning G1473 4you G3309 1shall have concern for],
  21 G3588   G3956 ( [2all G1063 1for G3588 4the things G1438 5of themselves G2212 3seek], G3756 not G3588 the things G3588   G5547 of Christ G* Jesus.)
  22 G3588 but the G1161   G1382 proof G1473 of him G1097 you know, G3754 that G5613 as G3962 to a father G5043 [2 as a child G4862 3with G1473 4me G1398 1he served] G1519 in G3588 the G2098 good news.
  23 G3778 This one G3303 indeed G3767 then G1679 I hope G3992 to send forth G5613 (as G302 whenever G542 I look over G3588 the things G4012 concerning G1473 me) G1824 immediately.