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Acts 7:42 (IGNT)
  42 G4762 (G5656) εστρεψεν Turned G1161 δε But G3588 ο Of G2316 θεος God G2532 και And G3860 (G5656) παρεδωκεν Delivered Up G846 αυτους Them G3000 (G5721) λατρευειν To Serve G3588 τη The G4756 στρατια Host G3588 του Of The G3772 ουρανου Heaven; G2531 καθως As G1125 (G5769) γεγραπται Is Has Been Written G1722 εν In "the" G976 βιβλω Book G3588 των Of The G4396 προφητων   G3361 μη Prophets, G4968 σφαγια Slain Beasts G2532 και And G2378 θυσιας Sacrifices G4374 (G5656) προσηνεγκατε Did Ye Offer G3427 μοι To Me G2094 ετη Years G5062 τεσσαρακοντα Forty G1722 εν In G3588 τη The G2048 ερημω Wilderness, G3624 οικος O House G2474 ισραηλ Of Israel?