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James 3:4 (IGNT)
  4 G2400 (G5628) ιδου Lo, G2532 και Also G3588 τα The G4143 πλοια Ships, G5082 τηλικαυτα So Great G5607 (G5752) οντα Being, G2532 και And G5259 υπο By G4642 σκληρων Violent G417 ανεμων Winds G1643 (G5746) ελαυνομενα Being Driven, G3329 (G5743) μεταγεται Are Turned About G5259 υπο By G1646 ελαχιστου A Very Small G4079 πηδαλιου Rudder, G3699 οπου   G302 αν Wherever G3588 η The G3730 ορμη Impulse G3588 του Of Him Who G2116 (G5723) ευθυνοντος Steers G1014 (G5741) βουληται May Will.