Nehemiah 11:26-30

  26 H3442 And at Jeshua, H4137 and at Moladah, H1046 and at Bethphelet,
  27 H2705 And at Hazarshual, H884 and at Beersheba, H1323 and in its villages,
  28 H6860 And at Ziklag, H4368 and at Mekonah, H1323 and in its villages,
  29 H5884 And at Enrimmon, H6881 and at Zareah, H3412 and at Jarmuth,
  30 H2182 Zanoah, H5725 Adullam, H2691 and in their villages, H3923 at Lachish, H7704 and its fields, H5825 at Azekah, H1323 and in its villages. H2583 [H8799] And they dwelt H884 from Beersheba H1516 to the valley H2011 of Hinnom.