Job 25

  1 H6030 [H8799] Then answered H1085 Bildad H7747 the Shuhite, H559 [H8799] and said,
  2 H4910 [H8687] Dominion H6343 and fear H6213 [H8802] are with him, he maketh H7965 peace H4791 in his high places.
  3 H3426 Is there H4557 any number H1416 of his armies? H216 and upon whom doth not his light H6965 [H8799] arise?
  4 H582 How then can man H6663 [H8799] be justified H410 with God? H2135 [H8799] or how can he be clean H3205 [H8803] that is born H802 of a woman?
  5 H3394 Behold even to the moon, H166 [H8686] and it shineth H3556 not; and the stars H2141 [H8804] are not pure H5869 in his eyes.
  6 H582 How much less man, H7415 that is a worm? H1121 and the son H120 of man, H8438 who is a worm?