Job 16

Wycliffe(i) 1 `A man, Joob bi name, was in the lond of Hus; and thilke man was symple, and riytful, and dredynge God, and goynge awey fro yuel. 2 And seuene sones and thre douytris weren borun to hym; 3 and his possessioun was seuene thousynde of scheep, and thre thousynde of camels, and fyue hundrid yockis of oxis, and fyue hundrid of femal assis, and ful myche meynee; and `thilke man was grete among alle men of the eest. 4 And hise sones yeden, and maden feestis bi housis, ech man in his day; and thei senten, and clepiden her thre sistris, `that thei schulden ete, and drynke wiyn with hem. 5 And whanne the daies of feeste hadden passid in to the world, Joob sente to hem, and halewide hem, and he roos eerli, and offride brent sacrifices `bi alle. For he seide, Lest perauenture my sones do synne, and curse God in her hertis. Joob dide so in alle daies. 6 Forsothe in sum day, whanne the sones of God `weren comun to be present bifor the Lord, also Sathan cam among hem. 7 To whom the Lord seide, Fro whennus comest thou? Which answeride, and seide, Y haue cumpassid the erthe, and Y haue walkid thorouy it. 8 And the Lord seide to hym, Whether thou hast biholde my seruaunt Joob, that noon in erthe is lyik hym; he is a symple man, and riytful, and dredynge God, and goynge awei fro yuel? 9 To whom Sathan answeride, Whether Joob dredith God veynli? 10 Whethir thou hast not cumpassid hym, and his hows, and al his catel bi cumpas? Thou hast blessid the werkis of hise hondis, and hise possessioun encreesside in erthe. 11 But stretche forth thin hond a litil, and touche thou alle thingis whiche he hath in possessioun; if he cursith not thee `in the face, `bileue not to me. 12 Therfor the Lord seide to Sathan, Lo! alle thingis, whiche he hath, ben in thin hond; oneli stretche thou not forth thin hond in to hym. And Sathan yede out fro the face of the Lord. 13 Sotheli whanne in sum dai `hise sones and douytris eeten, and drunken wiyn in the hows of her firste gendrid brothir, 14 a messanger cam to Job, `whiche messanger seide, Oxis eriden, and femal assis `weren lesewid bisidis tho; 15 and Sabeis felden yn, and token awey alle thingis, and `smytiden the children with swerd; and Y aloone ascapide for to telle to thee. 16 And whanne he spak yit, anothir cam, and seide, Fier of God cam doun fro heuene, and wastide scheep, and `children touchid; and Y aloone ascapide for to telle `to thee. 17 But yit the while he spak, also anothir cam, and seide, Caldeis maden thre cumpenyes, and assailiden the camels, and token tho awei, and thei smytiden `also the children with swerd; and Y aloone ascapide to telle to thee. 18 And yit he spak, and, lo! anothir entride, and seide, While thi sones and douytris eeten, and drunken wiyn in the hows of her firste gendrid brothir, 19 a greet wynde felde yn sudenli fro the coost of desert, and schook foure corneris of the hows, `which felde doun, and oppresside thi children, and thei ben deed; and Y aloone fledde to telle to thee. 20 Thanne Joob roos, and to-rente hise clothis, and `with pollid heed he felde doun on the erthe, and worschipide God, 21 and seide, Y yede nakid out of the wombe of my modir, Y schal turne ayen nakid thidur; the Lord yaf, the Lord took awei; as it pleside the Lord, so `it is doon; the name of the Lord be blessid. 22 In alle these thingis Joob synnede not in hise lippis, nether spak ony fonned thing ayens God. 1 Forsothe Joob answeride, and seide, Y `herde ofte siche thingis; 2 alle ye ben heuy coumfortouris. 3 Whether wordis ful of wynd schulen haue an ende? ether ony thing is diseseful to thee, if thou spekist? 4 Also Y myyte speke thingis lijk to you, and `Y wolde, that youre soule were for my soule; 5 and Y wolde coumfort you by wordis, and Y wolde moue myn heed on you; 6 Y wolde make you stronge bi my mouth, and Y wolde moue lippis as sparynge you. 7 But what schal Y do? If Y speke, my sorewe restith not; and if Y am stille, it goith not awei fro me. 8 But now my sorewe hath oppressid me, and alle my lymes ben dryuun in to nouyt. 9 My ryuelyngis seien witnessyng ayens me, and a fals spekere is reisid ayens my face, and ayenseith me. 10 He gaderide togidere his woodnesse in me, and he manaasside me, and gnastide ayens me with his teeth; myn enemye bihelde me with ferdful iyen. 11 Thei openyden her mouthis on me, and thei seiden schenschip, and smytiden my cheke; and thei ben fillid with my peynes. 12 God hath closid me togidere at the wickid, and hath youe me to the hondis of wickid men. 13 Y thilke riche man and famouse sum tyme, am al to brokun sudeynli; `he helde my nol; he hath broke me, and hath set me as in to a signe. 14 He hath cumpasside me with hise speris, he woundide togidere my leendis; he sparide not, and schedde out myn entrails in to the erthe. 15 He beet me with wounde on wounde; he as a giaunt felde in on me. 16 Y sewide togidere a sak on my skyn; and Y hilide my fleisch with aische. 17 My face bolnyde of wepynge, and myn iyeliddis wexiden derke. 18 Y suffride these thingis with out wickidnesse of myn hond, `that is, werk, whanne Y hadde cleene preieris to God. 19 Erthe, hile thou not my blood, and my cry fynde not in thee a place of hidyng. 20 `For, lo! my witnesse is in heuene; and the knowere of my consience is in hiye places. 21 A! my frendis, ful of wordis, myn iye droppith to God. 22 And `Y wolde, that a man were demed so with God, as the sone of man is demed with his felowe. 23 `For lo! schorte yeeris passen, and Y go a path, bi which Y schal not turne ayen.