Numbers 4:29-33

Thomson(i) 29 With regard to the Merarites, review them according to their communities, according to the houses of their families; 30 review them from twenty five years, and upwards, to fifty years of age; every one who goeth in to do the works of the tabernacle of the testimony, 31 to take charge of those things to be carried by them, according to all their works for the tabernacle of the testimony, namely the capitals of the tabernacle, and the bars, and the pillars thereof, the bases thereof, and the bases and pillars for the veil, and for the curtain of the door of the tabernacle, 32 and the pillars of the court round about, with their bases, and the pillars for the curtain of the gate of the court, with their bases, and their pins, and their cords, and all the implements thereof, and all their services; review them by name, and all the implements which are to be under their charge, and to be carried by them. 33 This service of the community of the Merarites, in all their works, for the tabernacle of the testimony, shall be under the superintendance of Ithamar, the son of Aaron the priest.