Numbers 4:29-33

Coverdale(i) 29 The children of Merari after their kynred and fathers house, shalt thou appoynte also, 30 from thirtie yeare and aboue, vnto fiftie yeare, all that are mete for the warre, yt they maye haue an office in the Tabernacle of wytnesse. 31 But vpon this charge shall they wayte acordinge to all their office in ye Tabernacle of witnesse, that they beare the bordes of the Habitacion, and the barres, and pilers, and sokettes: 32 the pilers of the courte also rounde aboute, and the sokettes and nales and cordes, with all their apparell, acordynge to all their seruyce. And vnto euery one shall ye appoynte his porcion of charge to waite vpon the apparell. 33 Let this be the office of the kynred of the children of Merari, all that they shall do in the Tabernacle of wytnesse vnder the hande of Ithamar the sonne of Aaron the prest.