Numbers 4:29-33

ISV(i) 29 For the Merarites, number them according to their clans and ancestral house. 30 From thirty years and above to fifty years old, you number them. All those who can enter the service to perform work at the tent of meeting. 31 And this is their responsibility to carry out with respect to their service at the tent of meeting: the board of the tabernacle, its bars, its crossbars, its sockets, 32 the pillars around the courtyard and their sockets, their pegs, their ropes, and all the utensils for all their services. Assign by names the utensils each is responsible to carry. 33 This is the work of the clans of the Merarites with reference to their service at the tent of meeting under the supervision of Ithamar, the son of Aaron the priest.