Numbers 4:29-33

Bishops(i) 29 And thou shalt number the sonnes of Merari after their kinredes, and after the houses of their fathers 30 From thirtie yeres olde and aboue, vnto fiftie yeres shalt thou number them, euery one that enter into the assemblie, to do the seruice of the tabernacle of the congregation 31 And this is their office and charge, according to all their seruice in the tabernacle of the congregation: The borders of the tabernacle, with the barres, pyllers, and sockettes therof 32 And the pyllers that are round about the court, with their sockettes, pinnes, and cordes, & with all the instrumentes of it, for all their seruice: And by name ye shal recken the instrumentes of their office and charge 33 This is the seruice of the kinredes of the sonnes of Merari, accordyng to all their office in the tabernacle of the congregation, vnder the hand of Ithamar the sonne of Aaron the priest