Numbers 12

Matthew(i) 1 And Myriam & Aaron spake agaynst Moses, because of hys wyfe of Inde which he had taken: for he had taken to wife one of Inde. 2 And they sayde doth the Lorde speake only thorowe Moses? doth he not speake also by vs? And the Lorde hearde it. 3 But Moses was a very make man aboue al the men of the erth. 4 And the lord spake attonce vnto Moses vnto Aaron and Miriam: come out ye .iij. vnto the tabernacle of wytnesse: and they came out al thre. 5 And the Lord came doune in the piller of the cloude and stode in the dore of the tabernacle & called Aaron and Myriam. And they went out both of them. 6 And he sayed heare my wordes If there be a prophet of the Lordes among you, I wyl shewe my selfe vnto him in a visyon & wyll speake vnto hym in a dreame. 7 But my seruaunt Moses is not so, which is faithful in al mine house. 8 Vnto him I speake mouth to mouth and he seith the syght & the facion of the Lord, & not thorowe rydels. Wherfore then were ye not afraied to speake agaynst my seruaunt Moses? 9 And the Lord was angrye with them and went his way, 10 and the cloud departed from of the tabernacle. And beholde, MyrIam was become leprous, as it were snowe. And when Aaron loked vpon MirIam and saw that she was leprous, 11 he sayde vnto Moses: Oh I beseche the my Lord, put not the synne vpon vs which we haue folishly committed and synned. 12 Oh, let her not be as one that came dead out of hys mothers wombe: for halfe her flesh is eaten away. 13 And Moses cryed vnto the Lord sayinge: Oh God, heale her. 14 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: If her father had spitte in her face should she not be ashamed .vii. dayes, let her be shutte out of the hoste .vij. dayes, and after that let her be receyued in agayne. 15 And MirIam was shut out of the hoste .vij. dayes and the people remoued not, tyll she was broughte in agayne. 16 And afterward they remoued from Hazeroth, and pitched in the wyldernesse of Pharan.