Numbers 12

ECB(i) 1
And Miryam and Aharon word against Mosheh concerning the Kushiy woman he took: for he took a Kushiy woman. 2 And they say, Words Yah Veh only by Mosheh? Words he not also by us? - and Yah Veh hears it. 3 Now Mosheh the man is mighty humble, above all humanity on the face of the soil. 4 And suddenly, Yah Veh says to Mosheh and to Aharon and to Miryam, Come out you three to the tent of the congregation. - and the three come out. 5 And Yah Veh descends in the pillar of the cloud and stands in the opening of the tent and calls Aharon and Miryam: and the two come forth: 6 and he says, Hear I beseech, my words: If your prophet is of Yah Veh I make myself known to him in a vision and word to him in a dream. 7 Not so my servant Mosheh who is trustworthy in all my house: 8 I word mouth to mouth with him in vision and not in riddles; and he looks at the similitude of Yah Veh: Why then are you not awed to word against my servant Mosheh? 9 And Yah Veh kindles his wrath against them; and he goes: 10 and the cloud turns aside from off the tent; and behold, Miryam leprous - as snow: and Aharon faces Miryam and behold, she is leprous. 11 And Aharon says to Mosheh, Alas, my adoni, I beseech you, set not the sin on us, wherein we folly and wherein we sin: 12 I pray, that she not become as dying - of whom half the flesh consumes when he comes from the womb of his mother. 13 And Mosheh cries to Yah Veh, saying, Heal her, I beseech, O El, I beseech you! 14 And Yah Veh says to Mosheh, If in spitting, had her father but spit in her face, be she not ashamed seven days? Shut her outside the camp seven days and afterward, gather her. 15 And they shut Miryam outside the camp seven days: and the people pull not stakes until they bring Miryam in: 16 and afterward the people pull stakes from Haseroth and encamp in the wilderness of Paran.