Isaiah 46

Matthew(i) 1 Neuertheles Bell shall fall, and Nabo shalbe broken: whose ymages are a burthen for the beastes and cattell, to ouerlade them, and to make them weery. 2 They shall syncke downe, and fall together: for they maye not ease them of their burthen, therfore muste they go in to captyuyte. 3 Herken vnto me, O house of Iacob, & all ye that remayne yet of the housholde of Israel: whom I haue borne from youre mothers wombe, & brought you vp from your birth, tyll ye weere growen: 4 I whych shall beare you vnto youre laste age: I haue made you, I wyll also noryshe you, beare you and saue you. 5 Whom wyll ye make me lyke, in fashion or ymage, that I maye be lyke him? 6 Ye fooles (no doute) wyll take out syluer & golde oute of youre purses, and weye it, and hyre a gold smith to make a God of it, that men maye knele downe & worshippe it. 7 Yet muste he be taken on mens shoulders & borne, & set in hys place that he maye stande and not moue. Alas that men shulde crye vnto hym, which geueth no answere: and delyuereth not the man that calleth vpon hym, from hys trouble. 8 Consydre this well, & be ashamed Go in to youre owne selues (O ye runnagates.) 9 Remembre the thynges which are past, sence the begynnyng of the worlde: that I am God, & that there is els no God, yee & that there is nothynge lyke vnto me. 10 In the beginning of a thynge, I shewe the ende therof: & I tell before, thynges that are not yet come to passe. With one worde is my deuyce accomplyshed, & fulfylleth all my pleasure. 11 I call a byrde out of the East, & all that I take in hande, out of farre countrees, as soone as I commaunde, I brynge it hether: as soone as I thyncke to deuyse a thynge, I do it. 12 Heare me, O ye that are of an hye stomack, but farre from ryghtuousnesse. 13 I shall brynge forth my ryghtuousnesse. It is not farre, and my health shall not traye longe awaye. I wyll laye health in Sion, and geue Israel my glorye.