Matthew(i) 1 These are the sermons that were shewed vnto Amos (whiche was one of the shepeherdes at Thecua) vpon Israel, in the tyme of Osiah kynge of Iuda, and in the tyme of Ieroboam the sonne of Ioah kynge of Israel, two yeare before the earthquake. 2 And he sayde: The Lorde shall roare oute of Syon, and shewe hys voyce from Ierusalem: so that the pastures of the shepherdes shalbe in a myserable case, and the tope of Charmell dryed vp. 3 Thus sayth the Lord: for thre & foure wyckednesses of Damascus, I wil not spare her, because they haue throshed Galaad with yron flales: 4 But I wyll sende a fyre into the house of Hazael, the same shal consume the palaces of Benadab. 5 Thus wyll I breake the barres of Damascus, and rote out the inhabyter from the felde of Auen, & hym that holdeth the scepter, out of the pleasaunt house: so that the people shalbe dryuen oute of fayre Syrya, sayeth the Lord. 6 Thus saith the Lord: For thre and foure wyckednesses of Gaza, I wyll not spare her: because they make the presoners yet more captyue, & haue driue them into the lande of Edom. 7 Therfore wyl I send a fyre into the walles of Gaza, whiche shall deuoure her houses. 8 I wyl rote out them the dwel at Asood & hym the holdeth the scepter of Ascalon, and stretche oute myne hande ouer Accaron, that the remnaunte of the Phylystines shal peryshe sayth the Lorde. 9 Thus sayeth the Lorde: For thre and foure wyckednesses of the cytye of Tyre, I wil not spare her, because they haue increased the captyuite of the Edomytes, and haue not remembred the brotherly couenaunt. 10 Therfore wil I sende a fyre into the walles of Tyre, that shal consume her palaces. 11 Thus sayth the Lorde: For thre and foure wickednesses of Edom I wyl not spare him, because he persecuted hys brother wyth the swearde, destroyed his mothers wombe, bare hatred very longe, and so kepte indignacyon alwaye by hym. 12 Therfore wyll I sende a fyre into Theman, which shal deuoure the palaces of Bosra. 13 Thus sayeth the Lorde: For thre and foure wyckednesses of the children of Ammon I wil not spare them, because they rypte vp the wemen greate with childe in Galaad, to make the borders of theyr landes the wyder. 14 Therefore I wyl kyndle a fyre in the walles of Rabbath that shal consume her palaces: with a great crie, in the daye of batel, in tempest & in the daye of storme, 15 so that their kinge shall go into captyuyte he and hys prynces together, sayeth the Lorde.