Isaiah 11:1-5

  1 H3318 And there shall come forth [H8804]   H2415 a rod H1503 out of the stem H3448 of Jesse H5342 , and a Branch H6509 shall grow [H8799]   H8328 out of his roots:
  2 H7307 And the spirit H3068 of the LORD H5117 shall rest [H8804]   H7307 upon him, the spirit H2451 of wisdom H998 and understanding H7307 , the spirit H6098 of counsel H1369 and might H7307 , the spirit H1847 of knowledge H3374 and of the fear H3068 of the LORD;
  3 H7306 And shall make him of quick understanding [H8687]   H3374 in the fear H3068 of the LORD H8199 : and he shall not judge [H8799]   H4758 after the sight H5869 of his eyes H3198 , neither reprove [H8686]   H4926 after the hearing H241 of his ears:
  4 H6664 But with righteousness H8199 shall he judge [H8804]   H1800 the poor H3198 , and reprove [H8689]   H4334 with equity H6035 for the meek H776 of the earth H5221 : and he shall smite [H8689]   H776 the earth H7626 with the rod H6310 of his mouth H7307 , and with the breath H8193 of his lips H4191 shall he slay [H8686]   H7563 the wicked.
  5 H6664 And righteousness H232 shall be the girdle H4975 of his loins H530 , and faithfulness H232 the girdle H2504 of his reins.