Romans 5

JMNT(i) 1 Being, then, folks that were rightwised (placed in the right relationship of [covenantal] solidarity in the Way pointed out and made fair, equitable, just, free from guilt and turned in the right direction) from the midst of faith, out of trust and with conviction as the source, we continuously hold and progressively have [other MSS: let us (or: we can) habitually retain and enjoy] peace and harmony face to face with God (or: [directing and conducting us] toward God), through our Owner and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: Master, [the] Anointed Jesus), 2 through Whom, also, we have had and now hold the conducted approach and access (or: the act of bringing toward to gain entr'e9e), by faith and in trust, into this grace and joyous favor within which we have stood and in union with which we now stand, and so we keep on speaking loudly of and habitually boasting upon the expectation (or: expectant hope) of God’s glory (the manifestation from God which calls forth praise; the splendor which is God; and: God's good reputation; the opinion from God; the imagination which has the quality of God). 3 So not only this, but further, we also keep on being proud of and boasting within the pressures, while exulting in ordeals, afflictions and tribulations, having seen and thus knowing that the pressure (or: the ordeal, affliction or tribulation) is habitually producing (working down; accomplishing) a relentless remaining (or: abiding and dwelling) under [situations and circumstances] (or: humble and persistent endurance and fortitude as we get through it, as well as the patient ability to give support). 4 Yet the remaining and abiding under [produces] a quality of being approved by testing (= maturity of character); in turn, the quality of being approved by testing [produces] expectation and hope. 5 Now the expectation (or: expectant hope) does not habitually bring down shame (disgrace; dishonor; thus: disappointment), because God’s love (the urge toward reunion and the unambiguous, uniting acceptance from God) has been poured out in a gush and shed forth so that it now floods within our hearts, permeating the core of our being, through the Set-apart Breath-effect (or: Holy Spirit; Sacred Attitude) being given to us (in us; for us). 6 For during our yet existing [as] weak folks and continuing in being without strength (or: [B reads: Since in fact] when we were infirm, and thus helpless), Christ, still corresponding to and in accord with [the] appointed season (or: down from a kairos; in the sphere of and down into the level of a fitting situation; in line with a fertile moment), died for the sake of the ungodly and irreverent (or: died over [the situation of] and on behalf of those without awe of God). 7 Now you see, with difficult toil and pain (or: For hardly, scarcely or rarely) for the sake of (over [the situation of]; on behalf of) a just person (a righteous one; one in accord with the Way pointed out; someone in right relationship; a rightwised one) will someone (anyone; a certain one) proceed to be dying. For over (for the sake of) the good (noble; virtuous) person or cause, perhaps (or: possibly) someone (or: a certain one) may continue being brave enough (daring; courageous) to die. 8 Yet God constantly stands together with His own love [flowing] into us (or: But God continuously puts the urge for accepting-reunion, from, and which is, Himself, together into the midst of us), because during our still continuing to exist being (= while we were yet) failures (folks deviating from the goal; ones missing the target and making mistakes; sinners; outcasts), Christ died over our [condition and predicament] (or: on our behalf; for the sake of us). 9 Much more, then – being now (at the present time) rightwised (turned in the right direction, placed in right relationships of solidarity and made fair within the Way pointed out; or: justified and made free from guilt; = placed in covenant) within His blood (or: in union with the blood from, and which is, Him) – through Him we will continue being rescued (saved; delivered; made healthy and whole; returned to our original state and condition; kept safe), away from the [conditions or situations of] personal emotion (inherent fervor; natural mental bent or disposition; teeming passion and swelling desire; or: [our] anger and [human] wrath). 10 For you see, since (or: if) while continuously existing being actively hostile ones (or: enemies [of people, or of God]) we were suddenly changed from enmity to friendship by God (or: conciliated to God; or: changed to be wholly other and to be in line, consistent and compatible IN God) through His Son’s death, much more (or: all the more, then) we will continue being kept safe and will be progressively delivered (rescued; saved; cured and restored to the health and wholeness of our original state and condition) – being folks that were conciliated (fully changed from enmity to friendship and made totally other than we were) within His Life (or: in union with the life which is Him). 11 And not only that, but further, we also are now folks constantly exulting, speaking with pride, boasting, and glorying within, and in union with, God, through our Owner (or: Lord; Master), Jesus Christ – through Whom we NOW receive (or: actively seize; grasp; take-down and hold by hand) the [aforementioned] act of being changed from enmity to friendship (or: the full exchange of being changed to be in line, consistent and compatible, where we are totally other than we were; the reconciliation; the commensurate exchange; the change, [induced by the action of God,] which came down [upon us]). 12 Because of and through this (or: Therefore; That is why), just as through one man (or: So it is that, even as through the act or agency of one person,) The Sin (or: the failure, miss of the target and deviation from the goal) entered into the aggregate of humanity (ordered system of religion, culture, society and government; or: world; cosmos), and through The Sin (failure; the mistake; the miss of the target; the deviation) The Death [also], in this way The Death thus also passed through in all directions (or: came through the midst causing division and duality; went throughout) into all mankind (or: into the midst of humanity; or: to all people), upon which [situation, condition, and with the consequential result that] all people sin (or: everyone failed, missed the target, fell short of the goal; or: all make mistakes and deviate from the goal) 13for until (up to the point of; = prior to) Law (or: custom), sin (failure; missing of the target; deviation from the goal) continued existing within the ordered System (world of religion, government, economy and culture; or: organized societies; or: cosmos), yet sin (failure; missing; deviating) is not continuing to be logically considered (is not being taken into account; is not habitually being put on one’s account; is not continually counted), there being (or: existing) no law (or: custom) – 14 But nonetheless The Death reigned (or: holds royal and kingly rule) from Adam as far as and as long as Moses [= Law], even upon those not sinning (failing to hit the target; deviating from the goal) upon [B and other MSS: within] the result of that which is conformed to (upon the occasion of the effect of the similarity of, or in the likeness of) the stepping aside (or: the transgression) of Adam – who is, and continues being, a type (an impress; a prefigure; a pattern) of the One being repeatedly (or: always) about to '85 [be (?) come (?) do something (?)] (or: the One habitually impending) (or: which exists being an impression made by a blow from the [situation; Person; creation; realm; arrangement] progressively being about to [exist]). 15 Yet to the contrary, [it is] not in the same way [with] the effect of grace (result of favor; the thing graciously given) as [it was with] the effect of the fall to the side (or: = the result of the stumbling aside and the offence is not simply balanced out by the result of the joyful gift of grace – the gratuitous favor). For you see, since (or: if) by (or: in) the effect of the fall to the side (the result of the stumbling aside and the offense) of the one THE MANY (= the mass of humanity) died, MUCH MORE (= infinitely greater) [is] the Grace of God (God’s Grace; favor which is God), and the gift (or: gratuitous benefit) within Grace – a joy-producing act of Favor – by that of the One Man, Jesus Christ, surrounded (or: encircles) into encompassing superabundance (extraordinary surplus and excess) into THE MANY (= the mass of humanity). 16 And further, [it is] not [with] the effect of the gush and flow of the gratuitous gift as [it was] through one missing of the target (failing; deviating; sinning). For you see, on the one hand, the effect of the decision and judgment (result of the separating, evaluation and verdict) [was] from out of one [failure and deviation, which led] into a commensurate effect of a decision (a corresponding result of a negative evaluation which fell in line with the decision and followed the pattern which divided [us] down). But on the other hand, the effect of the grace (the product of the gratuitous favor and the resulting joyous benefit) [is] from out of the effect of many falls to the side (result of many stumblings-aside and offenses) into the effect of a rightwising [of covenant inclusion] (the result of a placing into right relationships within the Way pointed out; or: the effect of an act of justice; an effect of equity; a just award; or: a result of fairness, removal of guilt, and justification, while being turned in the right direction; an amendment of what was wrong; a just-effect; = the effect of covenant inclusion and participation). 17 For since (or: if) by the effect of the fall to the side (or: in the result of the stumbling aside; with the effect of the offense) of the one The Death reigned (or: reigns; rules as king) through that one, much more, rather, will the peoples (= the masses of humanity) – in continuously receiving and seizing upon (taking in hand) the surrounding superabundance (encircling, extraordinary surplus and excess) of the Grace and of the gratuitous gift of the rightwising (of the fair and equitable dealing; from the placement in right [covenant]-relationship in the Way; of the justification and freedom from guilt while being turned in the right direction) – continue reigning (or: ruling as kings) within and in union with Life through the One, Jesus Christ. 18 Consequently, then, as [it was] through the effect of one fall to the side (or: the result of one offense) [coming] into all mankind ([permeating] into all humanity; = [extending] into the whole race) [bringing them] into a commensurate effect of a decision (a corresponding result of a negative evaluation which fell in line with the decision and followed the pattern which divided [us] down), THUS ALSO and in the same way, through one just-effect and the result of one right act which set [all humanity] right and in accord with the Way pointed out (through the result of one act of justice, equity and solidarity; through a single decree creating rightwised relationships; through one effect of rightwising which turns [people] in the right direction) [it comes] into ALL MANKIND (all humanity; all people; = the whole race) [bringing them] into a setting right of Life and a rightwising from Life [including them in covenant community] (or: Life’s turning [folks] in the right direction resulting in right relating, equity and justice which is in accord with the Way pointed out; a making of situations and conditions to be right, which pertain to Life; an expressing of fairness and equity, which is LIFE; a rightly directed solidarity coming from Life; a just-acting having the qualities of life). 19 For you see, JUST AS through the unwillingness to listen, or to pay attention, resulting in disobedience (or: the erroneous hearing leading to disobedience) of the one person THE MANY (= the mass of humanity) were rendered (established; constituted; placed down and made to be) sinners (failures; ones who diverge and miss the target), THUS – in the same way – ALSO through the submissive listening and paying attention resulting in obedience of the One, THE MANY (= the mass of humanity) will continue being rendered (placed down and established as; constituted; appointed to be) just ones (folks who have been rightwised; people in the Way pointed out; righteous ones who are free from guilt; fair, equitable, rightly-turned folks in right, covenant relationships). 20 Now Law and custom at one point entered in alongside (or: intruded into the situation by the side) to the end that the effect of the fall to the side (or: so that the result of the offense and the stumbling aside) would increase to be more than enough (should greatly abound and become more intense). But where the Sin (the failure; the divergence and missing of the target) increases (or: abounded to be more than enough; becomes more intense) THE GRACE ("the act producing happiness, which is granted as a favor" – Jim Coram) at once super-exceeds (or: hyper-exceeded) over and above, surrounding to excessive abundance and overflow, 21 to the end that JUST AS the Sin (the failure; the erroneous act; the deviation and digression which issued in missing the goal) at one point reigned (or: ruled as king; exercised sovereign sway) within, and in union with, the Death, THUS SO (or: in THIS way) also the Grace and joyous favor would reign (should rule as king; can exercise sovereign sway) through rightwisedness (or: by means of rightly-turned existence with equity in [covenantal] solidarity of right relationships which accord to the Way; through a Justice-[expression]) [which leads] into Life which belongs to, pertains to and has the characteristics of the Age (or: eonian life; Life of the Age [of Messiah]; a life for the ages) – through Jesus Christ, our Owner (Lord; Master).