Romans 5

ECB(i) 1
So being justified by trust, we have shalom with Elohim through our Adonay Yah Shua Messiah: 2 through whom we also have access by trust into this charism wherein we stand and boast in hope of the glory of Elohim. 3 And not only, but we also boast in tribulations: knowing that tribulation works endurance; 4 and endurance, proof; and proof, hope: 5 and hope never shames; because the love of Elohim pours in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who is given to us. 6 For in our frailty, in season, Messiah died for the irreverent. 7 For difficultly, for the just some die: indeed perhaps, for the good, some even dare to die. 8 And Elohim commends his love to us, in that we, still being sinners, Messiah died for us. 9 So much more, being justified in his blood, through him we are saved from wrath. 10 For if, being enemies, we are reconciled to Elohim through the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we are saved in his life. 11 And not only, but we also boast in Elohim through our Adonay Yah Shua Messiah, through whom we now take the reconciliation. 12 THE ORIGIN OF SIN So, exactly as through one human, sin entered into the cosmos, and death through sin, and thus death passed to all humanity - for all sinned: 13 for until the torah, sin was in the cosmos: but there being no torah, sin reckoned not. 14 Rather death reigned from Adam to Mosheh, even over them who sinned not after the likeness of the transgression of Adam - who is the type of the one about to be. 15
But not as the downfall, thus also the charisma. For if through the downfall of one many die, much more the charism of Elohim and the gratuity in charism of one human, Yah Shua Messiah superabounds to many. 16 And not as through one who sinned, thus the gratuity: for the judgment indeed was by one to condemnation, but the charisma is of many downfalls to justification. 17 For if by the downfall of one death reigns through one; much more they who take a superabundance of charism and of the gratuity of justness reign in life through one, Yah Shua Messiah. 18 Thus as through one downfall all humanity is unto condemnation; even thus through one justification all humanity is unto justification of life. 19 For exactly as through the disobedience of one human many were seated sinners, thus through the obedience of one many are seated just. 20 And the torah entered surreptitiously, so that the downfall superabound: and where sin superabounded, charism exceedingly superabounded: 21 so that exactly as sin reigned in death, even thus charism reigns through justness unto eternal life through Yah Shua Messiah our Adonay.