Numbers 4:32

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  32 H5982 ועמודי And the pillars H2691 החצר of the court H5439 סביב round about, H134 ואדניהם and their sockets, H3489 ויתדתם and their pins, H4340 ומיתריהם and their cords, H3605 לכל with all H3627 כליהם their instruments, H3605 ולכל and with all H5656 עבדתם their service: H8034 ובשׁמת and by name H6485 תפקדו ye shall reckon H853 את   H3627 כלי the instruments H4931 משׁמרת of the charge H4853 משׂאם׃ of their burden.